4 Super-Cute Hairstyles For Your Heavy-Duty Workout

Sweating it out in the gym or yoga class is just what your body needs to be fit and healthy. However, you can add a bit of your style to your workout avatar, too. Swap the boring tees and track pants for trendy workout clothes and tie your hair in these four pretty ways. You might just bump into your college or office hottie at the gym, you never know!

1. Jasmine Ponytail
Look like a Disney princess even when you’re losing those extra kilos. Try this no-fuss pretty hairstyle inspired by Princess Jasmine.

2. Pigtail Braids
We know you think pigtails are for little girls, but darling you’re going to love this style when at the gym. It looks cute even when slightly messed up.

3. French Braid
The classic French braid is going to help you keep your hair away from your face and even help the sweat on your scalp dry faster.

4. Waterfall Bun
Irritated with those fringes coming on your face? Try this waterfall bun that takes care of bangs and fringes, while looking absolutely adorable.

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Image courtesy: twistmepretty.com

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