Handcrafted Products To Buy, Sell And Make

In the Big Bang of stores coming alive in the virtual world, we saw a lot of troupes come and go, but very few with a concept as unique as ItsHandMade.
Do you dislike mainstream for its conventions and contradictions? Do you like collecting quirky items, NOT machine made and definitely not for the masses? Then you are going to love it here! On ItsHandMade, you will see a variety of products ranging from apparel to accessories, home decor to kitchenware, from cosmetics to ceramics and pet accessories to stationery. The magic of all these goods lies in the fact that they are all handmade and handcrafted. The honest and sheepish appeal in a jagged stitch and that slight colour outside the line will charm you endlessly.
On the other hand, do you have a knack for creating things? Are you a dreamer by nature, who can boast of a special skill? Then you are going to love it here too! Its HandMade also gives a chance to artists and architects of magic to sell their creations on the site. This enables them to understand the market and wants of their favourite people – the consumers, in a better way! They support one-time sellers, seasonal sellers as also perpetual sellers, and if this isn’t enough they also support NGOs and socially active organizations looking for a platform.
The third most interesting thing about this online retail space is their blog that talks of DIYs, DIYs and some more DIYs (Do It Yourself, incase you were wondering)! Their projects are fresh, inspiring and easy to make. A new one is added every week (this gives you enough time to finish the previous one). The first one about making your own lip balm has already caught our eye!
Check out this online store by clicking here.
Its HandMade with its brand new way of looking at things, will give your home and wardrobe a fun, fresh and fascinating twist.
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