Say Hello to MOE, Your Mini-Sculpted Self

Geek MOE

Geek MOE

Did you get yet another picture collage of you with your groupies, framed and wrapped with a pretty bow on your birthday? Of course, you did. Just like the last time you gifted your best friend the same thing, and not to forget the  gigantic frame you custom-made for your parents’ 25th anniversary. Now is it safe to say that creativity is sort of becoming extinct when it comes to gifting?

And that we need something mo(r)e…

Designer duo Tosha and Mitisha think so too. They will give you MOE to replace those photo-frames idly staring back at you on your desk. MOEs are handmade clay collectibles that they make, which reflect your personality and style. Basically, it’s a quirky mini-me of you made out of clay (yay!). Much better than that selfie, right?

MOEs are here to change everything passé about gifting. Whether you’re getting one made for yourself or someone else, just give them an idea that will mimick your style and depict your personality traits. They will turn these individual qualities into a cute little sculpture that defines you!

You could be a Geek MOE, a Harry Potter MOE, a Doc or Painter MOE, a Minion MOE, a Playboy MOE or even a bizarre Monster MOE. They don’t judge; they only create the funkiest MOE of you. The price of a small MOE starts from Rs. 750 onwards, and that of a medium one starts at Rs. 1,100 onwards.



Simply let them know how you want your MOE to be like, and an adorable sculpted piece of you will be sitting on your shelf.

Get your own MOE made by checking out their Facebook page here.

Currently, they provide delivery in Mumbai at an extra cost but plan to expand soon.

You can also get in touch with them by sending an email to

For more shopping and gifting options, click here.

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