What Would Happen If Gender Roles Were Reversed? You MUST WATCH This Film!

You’ve got to admire the French for the way they tackle real issues—close on the heels of The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict in London with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and the UP rape case, feminist film Majorité Opprimée shows how women are the oppressed majority and how life would be if the roles were reversed.

So you see a man wearing shorts being adam-teased on his way to work by a bunch of women and then blamed by his wife for wearing ‘revealing’ clothes. “I can’t take this feminist society anymore. It feels like our brothers fought for nothing,” wails the husband before the bored wife responds with “I can’t stand your masculinist nonsense”. We think this 10-minute film is worth a watch not just for its issues, but also for the wonderful performance by Pierre Benezit. Très bien!

DISCLAIMER: The film might be NSFW, so exercise discretion.

Tell us what you think of Majorité Opprimée. 

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Photo courtesy: huffingtonpost.com

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