Have Feet Must Travel: Personalized Travel Itinerary

Personalized travel itinerary, is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Have Feet Must Travel. Let’s aim to make this our motto, shall we? After all, isn’t travel the only thing that when bought, makes you richer.
If you are physically fit and have the case of the wanderlust then Have Feet Must Travel is for you. Have Feet Must Travel is a travel consultant company, but with a difference. Based on your likes and dislikes, budget and the number of days you can afford to take an off on, they will bring to you a personalized travel itinerary. Started by Salomi Pakvasa Shah and her best friend and husband, Amit Shah, HFMT will plan everything including suitable flights, hotels, local tourist attractions, offbeat locales, restaurants and more. Since this couple has travelled to more than 30 countries between them, (Yeah, woah! it is), your holiday planning will be in safe hands. From planning honeymoons for in-love-will-flaunt couples to luxurious holidays for families, to backpacking trips for friends, HFMT is a service that delivers magic. Although they take inspiration from their vast experiences in travelling, they will not force a standard, pre-packaged itinerary down your throat. Their destinations include places near and far, such as Alaska, US West Coast, Spain, Greek Islands, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bali, New Zealand all the while adding new places to their list.
Your vacation should be one of the most hassle-free, stress-less and freedom inducing days ever. I mean, isn’t that why you are taking a vacation in the first place? So why take it upon yourself to plan the details and burden your holiday-hungry mind with this annoyance. Let the experts handle it for you. As Amit puts it, your travel might last only a week or two but don’t you dream of the opportunities all year long?
Turn your dreams into reality then. You can get in touch with Have Feet Must Travel by calling on 9167207806 or by writing to them at info@havefeetmusttravel.in.
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