It’s Time To Head For Splitsville: 8 Signs He Is NOT The One

So you think you’ve found ‘the one’? Think again! Maybe the man you are with isn’t really your soulmate. If you find yourself running to others for emotional support or simply being annoyed with him all the time, then you better re-think your relationship. Here are eight signs he isn’t who you should end up with.

1. You Feel Judged By Him
Communication is the base of any relationship. If you feel that he judges you when you talk about your passion or often criticises you for your choice in clothing or food, then it is time you call it quits. It will only get worse with time after you marry him.
Signs He Is NOT The One

2. You Find Way Too Many Flaws In Him
If he doesn’t criticise you all the time, do you? Yes, if you find too many flaws in him (besides the occasional cleanliness or tardiness), then you definitely need a break. Maybe you don’t love him the way he is; you want him to become a different person. If that’s the case, he’s definitely not your ideal man.

Signs He Is NOT The One
3. You Avoid Conflict And Have Sex

So he’s great in bed. That’s really good. But can you resolve a conflict with him like adults (or talk without arguing at all)? If not, well, the reason you’re still together is sex! Yes, neither of you might realise it yet but you are using your physical intimacy to get over your emotional problems—and this isn’t going to work for long, right!

Signs He Is NOT The One
4. He’s Not Your Go-To Person When You’re Broken

Okay, we don’t expect you to call him for the smallest things or have that long midnight call all the time. But if you’re hurt or seriously upset and he’s not the first person you think of, there’s probably something off. It is okay to look for a friend once in a while, but if this happens every time, you need to break up before you start resenting him.

Signs He Is NOT The One
5. Boyfriend Material vs Husband Material

He gets you gifts, chocolates and cuddles you, but do you see him being a great father or providing for your future? No? You probably don’t like him for the long term, or he isn’t reliable enough for you to marry him.

Signs He Is NOT The One
6. Your Long-Term Goals Don’t Match

You want to work post-marriage, and he wants you to work part-time; or you follow a certain faith and he is against it. Think about this—do you realise that in the long run this is headed for a major conflict? Neither him nor you will be happy if your long-terms goals are not the same.

Signs He Is NOT The One
7. He Isn’t Your Priority Or You Aren’t His

Does he meet you or talk to you only after he is done meeting his friends, drinking with his work buddies and speaking with his mom? Or do you often ignore his calls while you’re simply watching television? This could mean you are not the first priority of each other. You may really wish this wasn’t the case, but it’s the truth; so get out of this relationship as soon as you can.

Signs He Is NOT The One
8. Gut Feeling

Finally, do you feel in your heart that something isn’t right? Do you have these thoughts and feelings quite often? You need to listen to it, girl. May be your subconscious is trying to give you a hint and a warning.

Signs He Is NOT The One

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