7 UNIQUE Healthy Eating Habits Of Fit People

Did you know that you can shed those extra kilos simply by changing your food habits? Yes, diets and exercises are a must, but often we find that the weighing scale won’t budge in spite of everything. The reason could be wrong habits and timing of having your meals. Check if you are following these tips in your daily routine.

Healthy Eating Habits

1. Fresh Off The Stove Foods
One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is to consume fresh food, preferably something that is just cooked. If you are working, try to carry food made in the morning and uncut fruits. These items carry more nutrients than stale, frozen food, keeping you full for longer. Additionally, they help curb cravings with all the nutrition they offer.

2. Check Your Portions
So you’re having green vegetables, carbs and protein in your diet, but it’s still not working? It could probably be because you’ve got your portions and combinations all wrong. Check with your dietician the right time and quantity you need to have for each meal. For example, having a fruit is great for your diet, but it may not be ideal to have directly after lunch.

3. Keep A Food Alarm
Eat every two hours. Yes, you need to do this, and push your metabolism to work faster. Keep an alarm to eat something small every two hours along with your meals. However, you only need to munch on something healthy. So go for a fruit or salad when at home, and diet-friendly biscuits when at work.

4. Food Meditation
Meditation and food may not go well together conventionally, but we recommend you try this. Savour your food and eat it slowly. This helps your mind feel more satisfied and curb your cravings for that sudden chocolate binge.

5. Replace Your Cravings With Healthy Substitutes
Often when you body craves something sweet or salty, it is due to lack of vitamins, carbs and protein. For instance, when you crave chocolate, your body might actually be in need of carbs or protein and not sugar. Check with your dietician and replace your craving food items with vegetables or bread.

6. Cut Down Now. Indulge Later
You want to enjoy a bar of chocolate or mini-cookies without the guilt? Then cut down on the daily sugar in tea or coffee, extra cream and ghee on rotis or parathas. Use those calories and indulge in sinful chocolate. Work out a plan with your dietician where you can incorporate this.

7. Stand Up
Fitness professionals advise not to exercise immediately after you’ve eaten. However, this does not mean you take a nap or sit back on your computer. Take a quick walk around the office or simply stand. Yes, standing can burn enough calories. You can stand for about 15 to 20 minutes talking to your colleagues or simply reading a book during the break.

Hope these seven habits make you fit and slim. Share with us if you have any more to add to the list.

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