Ditch That Bag Of Chips! All You Need To Know About Healthy & Smart Snacking

A chocolate-filled doughnut, a red velvet cupcake and that leftover slice of pizza for a midday or midnight snack. Add to this a nice movie or a book and life sounds just perfect. Doesn’t it? But these foods are far from good for your body. Not only do they make you put on weight, but they also have zero nutrition value. How then can you fit into that sexy LBD?

So we investigated and found that there are some seriously interesting ways to get over your sudden hunger pangs. Here is all the information you need to snack smartly. Take a look.

smart snackingWhy Do You Snack?
a. Habit: This is the most common reason why you munch on those chips or order that sandwich—you’re just habituated to biting on something every few hours, much like checking your Facebook or Twitter feed from time to time.
b. Cravings: If you’re going through hormonal changes or if you have iron or vitamin deficiencies in your body, you’re probably craving sugary and salty food. This leads to unhealthy mid-meals like chocolates, cakes and buttery popcorn.
c. Emotional problems: The ice cream tub is your best friend after a breakup. And often you seem to take guilty pleasures with small snack breaks where you have a whole pack of cream biscuits or cookies. This is due to stress or underlying emotional issues that you have not resolved.
d. Hunger: Finally, you may be really hungry because you have not had your breakfast or lunch properly and skipped out on essential nutrients.

smart snackingHow To Stop The Snacking
a. Put it on paper: Most of don’t know how much we eat through the day due to work and other commitments. Pick a preferred time of the day when you’re travelling or relaxing and create a journal of everything you ate, even if it is a single cracker. This will get you more aware about your subconscious eating habits.
b. Visit a professional: Check with your doctor or dietician if you’ve got some deficiency or problem that gets you excessively hungry or makes you crave sugar. You can also discuss your emotional or work issues that cause stress or disturbance in your eating schedule.

smart snacking
What To Do & What Not To

a. Eat slowly: One way to avoid that nasty munching habit is to trick your mind. If you eat slowly and take your time to enjoy each bite, your mind will be calmer for longer and will demand lesser food.
b. Load-up on nutrients: Skipping carbs and pushing proteins will only make your body crave sugar. The idea is to take everything in the right proportion, as well as stock up on vitamins, minerals and iron.
c. Get natural sugar and salt: Your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner if cooked properly can help you curb your cravings. Even if you do get pangs of hunger, opt for fruits and salads that offer nutrients. In fact, you can even replace the biscuit or cookie jar on your cubicle with a bowl of salad every day.

a. Buy snacks in bulk: Don’t go for large-sized or family packs of chips and other items. This will tempt you to eat more of them in a shorter span of time. Instead, smaller packs will deter you from eating more.
b. Have processed foods: It’s important to cut down on processed items, even if they are ‘health’ foods. So, if you drink orange juice from a carton, have two fresh oranges instead.
c. Don’t give in to cravings: The more you have artificial sugar or processed food, the more dependent you become on them. Cravings and overeating are actually causes of food addiction.

We’re sure after reading this you will be more aware about your eating habits and get healthy.

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