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We know how hard it is for you to stick to that strict no-carb hi-fiber diet given to you by your nutritionist when a jar of Nutella is staring at you in the face. If you thought deliciousness and healthy food don’t go together, maybe you should try Missisippy, a line of healthy snacks in India being retailed in New Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.They plan to expand in other cities soon.

On a morning in office when most of us skipped breakfast, we dug into a packet of Missisippy’s Pepper flavoured pops made of Brown Rice and Lentils – a savoury item, and their Honey and Oat Cookies. Both of which were so light and wholesome at the same time, we almost got convinced to follow the healthy route. You will feel a lot of fibrous texture in these snacks, but the taste factor is given much importance by the brand.

Box of Cookies by Missisippy

Box of Cookies by Missisippy

Started by entrepreneur Jaideep A Sippy, Missisipy wants to change the fact that healthy food severely lacks taste. Because the brand’s concentration is on fibre that helps carry nutrition in your body and eliminates the build up of toxins, it lowers your risk of catching heart diseases, cholesterol and high BP and also improves your digestion.

Perfect for a teatime snack, Missisippy offers oat-based biscuits, savoury snacks made of browns and lentils, muesli made from amaranth, berries, nuts and seeds, and more.

A Missisippy Life (muesli) that comes in 3 flavours – Apple Cinnamon, Coffee Hazelnut and Berry Blast will cost you Rs. 180 for 150 gms. A cookie pack of 3 costs Rs. 40 and a packet of savoury snack costs Rs. 45.

Missisippy snacks are available at Symaya’s Gym in Delhi, and at Nature’s Basket outlets in Mumbai and Pune, apart from other retail outlets.

You can also get them online in Mumbai here.

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