Heart 2 Heart Hottie High Waist Thigh Shaper Sold Out

Heart 2 Heart Hottie High Waist Thigh Shaper

Brand: Heart 2 Heart
Price: Rs. 999
Sculpt your thighs into a desirable silhouette with this shaper! Designed to give you maximum coverage from your waist to thighs, the pair promises a bum lift even J.Lo will be jealous of! ;) Crafted from extremely soft and light fabric, the lace detail in the centre and at the hem gives your shaper a touch of dainty appeal. Instantly gain a sleeker shape under your skinniest jeans with this pair!! Did you know: The earliest form of shapewear came about in Ancient Greece - around 2900 BC to 641 AD where functional girdles fashioned in linen & soft leather were bound at the waist and Mastoeides, ancient bras, pushed breasts out of clothing.

Material Spandex