Heel, Boy! Would You Fall For Nine West USA’s ‘Husband Hunting’ Shoes?

So, Nine West USA has a proposition for you—find a husband wearing their new ‘Husband Hunting’ heels! ‘Starter Husband Hunting’, it says─a confident strut in these numbers, a walk down the aisle later, it implies. They even have a checklist all figured out with a ‘Mr Right’ hot on the heels. This unusual branding leads us to wonder… would you fall feet-first for this campaign? To toe the line, or not to…

‘Go get em’ tiger. Whether you’re looking for Mr Right, or Mr Right Now, we got a shoe for that’, boldly states the latest Nine West campaign. Sounds closer to home than we think, right? But unless we actually do wake up in the morning and believe our shoes can clinch us a keeper, this campaign has a lot of rethinking to do!

Here are four Nine West ads from the Starter Husband Hunting campaign and what we think of them.

Ad 1
Shoes on the prowl, eh?!  This is right up there with fair skin as a means to getting a guy. Things are already not going down too well.




Ad 2

Maybe we still need further coaxing? And there we have it—a ridiculous target board with arrows to ram the heel home. Even the arrows fail miserably to hit.


Ad 3
Then Nine West puts you through ‘The Walk of Shame’—implying the day after a one-night stand with flip-flops jutting out of a bag.

Ad 4
Oh wait, how about the special occasion of misery… the ‘First Day at Kindergarten’.


One angry Tweet sums it all up.

@NineWest How about promotion snaring shoes? Merger clinching shoes? Board meeting shoes? Too busy serving hubby and raising baby I guess!

“I’m comfortable that it will make noise and it will get attention, and my gut tells me that it’s not offensive,” says Erika Szychowski, senior vice-president of marketing for Nine West. But are you comfortable putting your feet into these strutting stereotypes?

Let’s have a sole-to-soul, shall we? What do you think of this campaign by Nine West? Comment and let us know.

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Images courtesy: washingtonpost.com, ninewest

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