Here Comes The Sun: Summer Beauty Tips

The sweltering heat and blazing sun not only brings with it longer, hotter days but also adverse affects on our skin and hair. Step up your beauty regime to not let the heat get the best of you. Here are some handy summer beauty tips to help you dazzle from head to toe all season long.

Summer beauty

  • Use a facial mist on a long day spent in the sun to calm the skin and help you look dewy and fresh.
  • Staying hydrated is most essential to beat the heat. Your body tends to lose moisture in summer so make sure to drink lots of water and liquids to avoid dehydration, flush out toxins and help keep your skin moisturized.
  • The scorching temperatures may tempt you into reaching for chilled aerated drinks that are loaded with sugar and are unhealthy for your skin and body. Try fresh juices, water and coconut water instead, to quench your thirst and help your skin glow.
  • Using generous doses of sunscreen goes without saying during the hottest months, make sure it has a high SPF and is ‘oil-free’ to avoid greasiness.
  • Clogged pores are common in this heat and the pollution just adds to it, causing pimples and dullness. Exfoliating with a good scrub is a must to remove dead cells and brighten up your complexion.
  • Don’t shy away from tanning, make the best of summer by getting a healthy, tanned glow. Don’t sit out on an intensely sunny day for the sake of a tan, it’ll just lead to sunburn. Instead, let it happen naturally over the course of a few days. Sunblock doesn’t prevent tanning so make sure to use some to protect your skin even if you want to expose it to the sun.
  • If you’re jet-setting on a beach holiday, make sure to use some leave-in conditioner in your hair before going for a dip in the pool or the sea to protect your hair from damage from chlorine or salt.
  • Creamy lipsticks would be healthier and more nourishing for the lips in the burning heat rather than matte shades.Summer 2
  • Using a toner is important for cooling your skin and closing your pores daily. You can even try rose water which is a natural toner.
  • Don’t forget to cleanse your skin twice a day or more, everyday, even if you haven’t ventured out of your house it is a must!
  • It’s a common myth that moisturizers should be used most mainly in winter. Moisturizing your skin in summer is as essential as it keeps your skin hydrated. Go for a water-based moisturizer to avoid oiliness.
  • If you do get sunburnt, gently rub aloe vera to soothe the skin and help it heal faster.
  • With summer comes the season of everyone’s fave fruit- mangos. As deliciously juicy they may be, resist over indulging as mangos are extremely heaty and will lead to break-outs.
  • Deep-condition your hair as the blazing sun may cause it to become dry and brittle. Leave-in conditioners can tame hair that frizzes up in the humidity, spritz on MorroconOil glimmer shine spray for an instantly luminous shine to your mane.
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