High On Waist

‘They’ say that after the turn of the luscious low waists, there will now be an uprising against these.  After a long era of dominance, low waists will lose and high waists will emerge victorious.

Hence we better arm ourselves and be a part of the clique of contemporary fashion.

Firstly, high waist anything grabs onlookers’ by their lapels and demands attention towards their waist and hips. Hence, for anyone scared of a little muffin top, opt for high waist inner pants that are a corset for the tummy.

That done, high waists can be pants or skirts. Play with their lengths, wear them in block, solid colors, and team them with a shirt or a feminine blouse in florals, plaids, or any muted patterns. You can also contrast them with darker hues, big, bold florals or block prints.

You could have high waists with a flared bottom. Because they do not define your leg, you could play up your mysterious side with ease. (Pallazo Pants)

High waists could be deceptively casual by being loose and flowy, but actually require exquisite tailoring skills, that instantly elevate it to the casual chic category.

Add a belt or buttons on the outside, wear with stilettoes, team them with stockings or pair up with a dressy top, high waists are so versatile.  And at the end of the day, aren’t we all searching for that one fashion accessory that changes our wardrobe within minutes?

Bollywood Fashionistas Going High Waisted

Bollywood Fashionistas Going High Waisted

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