8 Great Ways To Make Optimum Use Of Your Home Corners

Whether you’re from a small town or brought up in the city, you can’t leave the city life once you’re used to it. However, with the convenience that it offers, there are a few cons too. One of the common complaints of everyone living in a big city is the lack of space. Now, we can’t do much about the crowded metros and buses, but we can help you with that small, crammed apartment of yours.

We have already told you how to enhance your small house using lights. Now we give you eight designer-inspired home décor tips to make the most of the corner spaces in your apartments. Take a look.

1. Storage Space
Use your corners to store important things if you have a small apartment. We found these ideas to be ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or living room. Get it customised from an interior designer or local carpenter for best results.

home corner ideas - storage
2. Bookshelf
The easiest way to decorate and utilise your corners is by adding cool and trendy bookshelves to them. If you’re not a book lover, place quirky showpieces and travel collectibles here. Find some fun corner shelves here.

home corner ideas
3. Corner Art
If you’re someone who believes in having minimal furniture and storage in the house, you can still make your corners stand out. Add decals and stickers to create art on your walls. We love the ideas shown below. Find your choice of wall art here.

home corner ideas - art
4. Bit of Green
If you live in a city like Mumbai or Chennai, having plants outside the window or in the balcony is almost impossible due to lack of space. So, why not get one indoors? Add decorative plants indoors or gets flowers to brighten up your corners.

home corner ideas - plants
5. Added Light
Dim lights are a must-have for all homes, whether big or small. Instead of going for the conventional ceiling ones, place them in the corner. It will make all the difference! Buy corner lights at home décor stores in your area and get inspired by the cool ideas given here.

home corner ideas - lights
6. Touch of Colour
Get cool accessories that will add a pop of colour to your plain walls and furniture as well as brighten your ignored corners. This will even make your apartment look big. Find cool clocks here.

home corner ideas - colour
7. Corner Pictures
Love the wall-with-pictures-and-art look? Try this. Use your photographs and wall art strategically to cover the corners, while still looking stylish and stunning.

home corner ideas - frames
8. Spare Seating
Having a party? Too many people in the house? Get inspired by these amazing ideas of adding seating spaces in the corners. Get it customised by your interior decorator or local carpenter.

home corner ideas - seating

Do drop in a line if you have any more fun ideas to pretty up your corners.

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