10 Home Decorating Mistakes You Should NEVER Make

We’ve told you how to make your homes look perfect and bigger using simple tricks. However, there are a few things you should absolutely stay away from while redecorating your homes. Here are the common mistakes everyone makes.

1. Installing Lights Last
If you’re renovating then you need to plan your lighting along with your furniture. Often putting the light as per the seating or bed may leave your room badly lit or have unbalanced lighting.

Home Decorating Mistake
2. Not Scaling
Whatever furniture and accessories you put, you need to scale well. If you put a tiny picture above a huge sofa or a large painting near a petite chair, it will look off. Hire a professional to help you with scaling your room.

Home Decorating Mistake
3. Lifestyle Buy
So you got that 40-inch flat-screen television for your home—great! But does it really scale and match with the rest of your house? Maybe you got it for the living room, but you watch television only in your room, so that space is wasted. Don’t buy something simply for its lifestyle value; get it to suit your home.

Home Decorating Mistake
4. Conventional Seating Arrangement
You’ve probably grown up in the conventional seating arrangement at home with sofa and chairs. But, this is your abode—mix it up and create your own space that is cosy.

Home Decorating Mistake
5. Too Much Or Too Little Art
Let’s face it; you’re guilty of this. Either you have too many picture frames, paintings and posters or absolutely none. You need to find the right balance and have one or two statement pieces, depending on your space.

Home Decorating Mistake
6. Ignored Wires
It is a good feeling to look around your house and notice impeccable décor, but then there’s that one corner that is always cluttered where all your wires are. Learn simply ways to organise and clean that place here.

Home Decorating Mistake
7. Over Dressing
It is lovely to have an accent piece to create a theme, but matching every single piece of furniture with the theme is simply overdoing it.

Home Decorating Mistake
8. Too Designer
We know you wish to have a house straight out of those interior design magazines, but imagine if it looks like that all the time. It would have no personal touch and wouldn’t reflect your own personality. For instance, if you wish to pair prints or go bold with a certain section, try and experiment and ditch the designer pairing tips. Add elements that make your house a home.

Home Decorating Mistake
9. Uncomfortable Furniture
So you love the new heart-shaped couch? You spent a bomb and got it, too? Did you realise it can be extremely uncomfortable? Yes, you need to check every piece of furniture you own for functionality and comfort.

Home Decorating Mistake
10. Not Experimenting
Finally, you need to experiment when it comes to home décor. Change the drapes or pillow covers every few months or simply get a quirky piece of lighting and furniture to add a touch of ‘you’. Try DIY home ideas and make your abode a lovely space.

Home Decorating Mistake

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