Mooch Ado About Nothing – How the handlebar became a favourite again

Wooing your woman with a clean shaven profile? You might score with her teenage sister, but probably not her. Sporting a hair-free jawline (read Shahid Kapoor and Robert Pattinson) to bowl us over with your boyish charms is now passe. Even just a stubble is very 2010. Lately everyone from Ranveer Singh to Shikhar Dhawan have grabbed eyeballs by donning the famous Handlebar moustache. Or many would prefer calling it, the Pringles moustache.

The Indian male swears by the handlebar as it exudes machismo and a hint of sexuality. Clean shaven profiles make you look like the ballroom singers in high-school and that’s enough to turn off women who are looking for MEN. If you ask us, sporting a handlebar moustache signals to us that you are a man of substance.

The handlebar came back to being after a series of Hindi blockbusters that acquired cult status among the Indian masses. Whether it was Ajay Devgn in Singham or Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore, the handlebar soon endangered the heroes with clean shaven profiles and made rustic all the rage. Celebrated young cricketers such as Ravindra Jadeja and Shikhar Dhawan also brought the handlebar in vogue. At the recently concluded ICC Champions trophy, Dhawan accepted the Golden Bat while tweaking his handlebar with elan.

Shikhar Dhawan tweaks his moustache after having won the Golden Bat at the ICC Champions Trophy 2013

Shikhar Dhawan tweaks his moustache

The handlebar moustache has also made its way into the international arena. Recently David Beckham made headlines with several appearances sporting the handlebar moustache that sent his female following into a dizzy. The dreamy eyed Notebook heartthrob, Ryan Gosling, looked dapper yet manly in his appearance at the Ides of March premiere in New York.


David Beckham sports the Handlebar in a public appearance

David Beckham sports the Handlebar in a public appearance

It’s not just for men: Handlebar moustaches are for women too. No, we are not talking about them turning into ‘Nathulal’, but the Handlebar moustache has become a huge style statement among the ladies. The market for fashion accessories and apparel has been shaken and stirred ever since the handlebar regained its glory. From neckpieces to watches to lingerie, the handlebar is here to stay.

So dear men, while you get your barbers and trimmers to work, your women will get your wallets to work.

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