Blush It Up: How To Apply Blush-On To Look Like A Supermodel

Ever wondered how almost all runway models have perfect, sculpted faces? Now you can have it too. Here’s how to create that effect at home simply by applying blush effectively. Follow our step-by-step guide to get gorgeous, blushing cheeks.

Where and How to Apply
To create an illusion of healthy skin and sharp cheekbones, it’s essential you learn exactly where to apply the blush. Know your face shape and apply the coloured tinge accordingly.

a. Round Face/Full Cheeks
Suck your cheeks in and apply the blush lightly on the upper section. Extend to the lower part of your temples.

apply blush

b. Square or Heart-Shaped Face
You need to merge your blush with a light coloured powder. Apply the light shade as a thin line just above your cheekbones. Start with the blush on the apples of your cheeks and extend till your hairline on the side. Blend with a brush. (To find your apples, just smile. The meatiest part of your cheeks is known as the apple.)

apply blush - heart shape face

c. Oval or Rectangle-Shaped Face: Apply a dab of blush on to your apples, but do not extend to the temples or hairline. Spread to the middle of the cheek lightly.

apply blush

Which Shade to Pick
Pink, brown, bronze, red, orange—there are so many shades you can use to highlight your face. Learn which one is right for your skin.

Have a Warm Skin Tone? Pick Pink or Red Undertones: Stick with warm colours like orange, red or pink, but ensure you pick a subtle shade instead of a bright one. This will tone down the redness of your skin, while still enhancing your cheeks.

apply blush - warm skin tone

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Have a Cool Skin Tone? Go For Yellow Undertones: Pick a neutral or light shade of pink to complement your face. Try peach or mocha with a tinge of red.

apply blush - cool skin tone

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How Much To Apply
a. Once you are done applying the foundation, let it settle for a minute or two. Take a bit of blush and apply it on to your cheeks as per your face cut. Use circular motions and swirl the colour.
b. Use a brush to blend it with your foundation and let it breathe for a few seconds. This will ensure that you don’t have a red face when you step out.
c. In the second round, take a good quantity of blush and apply it in the same way. This is to ensure your blush isn’t too light.
d. Your blush may seem too much when you apply it, but the sun and the wind will lighten it before you reach your venue. Besides, the body heat itself will make the blush seem lighter.

What Tools To Use
Should you use a brush or your fingers?
a. If you have a cream blush, fingers are your best bet. They help spread it evenly.
b. If you have a powder blush, a big fluffy brush is ideal to get that pinkish glow.
c. For liquid blushes, use your fingers, then blend with a brush. Use cotton to absorb the extra colour from your skin.

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