Get Flawless Skin In 5 Minutes: Your Guide To Applying Concealer

Puffy eyes with dark circles are always a downer for your otherwise gorgeous look. While there are a host of home remedies for dark circles, when you need a quick-fix, you need to go for makeup. Concealer is the best way to cover up those marks and pigmentation problems. And here’s a simple tutorial that will teach you the tricks to apply concealer like a pro.

Now that you’ve learned the trick to covering your dark circles, we tell you a few other areas where this product works like magic.
1. Under the eyebrows: You can use a tinge of concealer and spread it under the eyebrows to get a raised brow and open eye look. This is ideal if you’re bored of hitting the parlour to get your brows shaped.
2. Near the nostrils: If you have blackheads or are suffering from a cold, use the concealer with a bit of moisturiser to look stunning and fresh.
3. Under your lips: Create and merge a small line of concealer under your lips right above your chin to make them look fuller.

Here are a few concealers to help you get flawless, magazine-cover skin.

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