How To Dazzle In Metallic


Metallic hues are an attention-grabbing fashion favourite at the moment. They’re perfect for a night-out as well as for the day when worn correctly. We give you some handy tips to carry off this glamorous trend without looking over-the-top. Get ready to bring on the glitz!

Embrace the metallic trend to shine

Embrace the metallic trend to shine

  • Never pair a metallic top with a metallic bottom, to avoid looking like you’re just about to head into space.
  • Pair metallic clothing with solid, neutral colours to never go wrong.
  • When wearing metallic fabrics, keep the accessories minimal for a look that’s not too in-your-face.
  • For a casual day, you can add a dash of metallic with a bag or shoes for a glamorous finish.
  • Metallic nails are the easiest way to add a cool touch to any look.
  • If you’re wearing a metallic top or dress, make sure you’re accessories are matt and never shiny.
  • The best way to wear this trend in the day is to stick to metallic pieces in the colour grey. It’s not too loud and looks great.
  • When wearing a metallic skirt, it should be figure-hugging and paired with a looser top.
  • Metallic skirts, dresses, tops and pants always look better if they fit you snugly. Looser fits can lose the elegance of the look.
  • Metallics tend to have a futuristic charm so keep your hair and make-up modern to look right.


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