Our All-You-Need-To-Know Guide To Becoming A Quirky Dresser

Being quirky is a full-time job. If you have a little bit of an oddball in you who’s trapped in black pants and a white shirt, set her free and live life to the quirkiest.

How to dress quirkyWhy conform when you can wear pink pumps?

Put A Spin On The Normal
Wear a delightfully cute prom tutu dress, but throw on a pair of sneakers instead of the tried-and-tested heels. If you have to wear an LBD, choose an unstructured piece that will make heads turn. Emma Watson did just that at the Elle Style Awards 2014 in this fun and crazy little dress that told everyone she wasn’t going to dress classic just because she was expected to.

quirkyWear Converse shoes with a dress; Emma Watson at the Elle Style Awards 2014

Choose An Inspiration
You can draw inspiration from subcultures such as bohemian, beatnik or punk. If you’ve always been fascinated about the bohemian way of life, wear floaty skirts with peasant tops and finger comb your hair. Boho maxi dresses in solid colours or prints with flip flops and a hemp bag will help you stand apart from the other girls.

Alternatively, if you’ve always been enamoured by a certain culture such as Japanese or African, incorporate elements from it into your wardrobe. Japanese kimono tunics will make your wardrobe eclectic. Pair them with leggings or jeans. If you like headgear, wear an African head wrap with a dress.

How to dress quirky Kimono tunicMiley Cyrus, Nicole Ritchie and Nicky Hilton in eclectic kimono tunics

how to dress quirky Mary Kate Olsen maxi Tyra Banks headwrapMary Kate Olsen in a slouchy maxi; Tyra Banks pulls off the African headwrap

Vintage-inspired Clothes
If you have always loved vintage clothes, get your inspiration from Mad Men. Wear warm-coloured pencil skirts and team them up ruffled blousons and tops with vintage detailing. The ‘secretary’ look is a great one and you don’t have to do it all the way; pick and choose certain elements like cat-eye glasses or buttoned-down fitted shirts and team them with regular clothes like jeans.

How to dress quirky Christina Hendricks Keira Knightley Christina Hendricks in a vintage skirt suit in Mad Men; Keira Knightley at the Laurence Olivier Awards in a vintage-inspired outfit

Geek Cool or Nerd Chic
Geeks are the new alpha females. Try the effortless nerd chic or geek cool look. Messy hair in a ponytail and glasses say that you’re working on a code that’s going to make you a millionaire.

How to dress quirky Anne Hathaway nerd glassesAnne Hathaway and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in thick-rimmed geek glasses and a messy ponytail

Dress Like An Artist
Dress like Dutch artist Rembrandt in all-black clothing and a beret. A black turtleneck and a beret should tell people that you’ve been commissioned to create a timeless installation at the town square.

How to dress quirky black outfit beretRock the French artist look in a beret

Develop A Signature Style
Quirky style icon Zooey Deschanel sticks to the adorable yet annoying schoolteacher look with her glasses, little vintage dresses, cardigans and leggings.

How to dress quirky Zooey Deschanel yellow dress Zooey’s style is a mix of adorable and dork-like

Develop your individual style. You could be that person who always carries a tote bag or wears a statement necklace. Experiment with different styles and figure out what works for you; if you like grunge or goth, don’t be afraid to try a fabulous pair of boyfriend jeans and chunky bracelets.

How to dress quirky boyfriend jeansChunky jewellery with boyfriend jeans

Pair Unusual Pieces Together
Try a sari blouse or a choli top with fitted jeans. Wear long beaded necklaces inside a formal shirt or you could try pairing pearls with a leather jacket. Try chandelier earrings with a pair of shorts and a singlet or a long dress with leather boots. Wear colours and prints that don’t usually go together.

How to dress quirky leather jacket necklaces dress bootsJulie Bowen pairs delicate necklaces with a leather jacket; ditch the heels and strap on boots with a dress

Print On Print
Print on print is catching on now, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Try pairing a delicately printed blouson with a large-printed skirt or throw on a printed jacket on a printed shirt. Remember to wear pumps or peep-toes in a mad colour and you’re all set to shock your neighbour.

How to dress quirky print on printPrint on print

Dress Androgynous
Confuse everyone. Wear men’s pants and a tie on a striped shirt to work. Try blazers with tube tops and androgynous shoes such as loafers or moccasins. While shooting Annie Hall, Diane Keaton walked on the set wearing androgynous clothes and gave the costume stylist sleepless nights because she thought it was over the top. Keaton’s look was aped by girls all over and it was soon referred to as the ‘Annie Hall’ look.

How to dress quirky Diane Keaton androgynous clothesDiane Keaton started the trend of androgynous dressing in Annie Hall

Eccentric vs Quirky
The difference between eccentric and quirky is the difference between Lady Gaga and Helena Bonham Carter. Dress quirky to express yourself, but don’t make it a gimmicky routine. If you dress quirky to enjoy a little attention, choose your space wisely between being that mad girl who rocks knee-length socks and that person who’s always caught in outlandish clothes.

How to dress quirky Helena Bonham Carter Lady GagaHelena Bonham Carter is known for her unusual choice of clothes; Lady Gaga’s infamous bubble dress

A quirky dresser will do well to learn some basic Do It Yourself techniques. If you can sew a little, you can probably snip, cut and alter some outfits. Sew a vintage bow on a top or a few crochet flowers on a dress. Fabric glue and hand sewing machines are quick and easy ways to add some crazy embellishments and details to regular clothes.

How to dress quirky girl sewing

If you are conservative and a classic dresser, maybe you shouldn’t try wearing a nautical-striped singlet with a printed skirt. However, if you are that crazy girl who likes to wear the cat-print shirt, then by all means, embrace the madness and be that crazy girl.

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