The Hat Trick: Find The Right One For Your Face

Isn’t it annoying when stuff looks good in the store and then you buy it in a moment of madness, bring it home, try it on and want to throw something at your reflection…something pointed.

Hat shopping is probably the most stressful and unpredictable. A hat acts as a great accessory and completes your outfit. To choose the right one, approach with caution but keep an open mind. You must be willing to try on different styles. A hat is not something you can just pick up off the counter and waltz off. The wrong hat can highlight all the features that you may want to play down.

How to find the right hat for your face type beanie hatKnit beanie hat

How to find the right hat for your face type Keira Knightley bowler hatKeira Knightley wears a classic bowler hat with a black dress

Finding the right kind of hat for your face type depends on several factors such as the shape of your face, your frame and your haircut. Read on to find the right hat for you.

Body Type
If you are petite, you may want to try small hats such as fedoras and cloches. A large floppy hat will only draw attention to your small-ness. Conversely, tall and/or wide women should avoid the small hats and go for big ones such as Stetsons.

How to find the right hat for your face type Mary Kate Olsen small hatMary-Kate Olsen wears a close-fitted hat that complements her delicate frame

How to find the right hat for your face type beanie hat Kim Kardashian large hat Kim Kardashian pulls off a large summer hat

Face Type
The shape of your face is probably the most important aspect you should consider while buying a hat.

Round Face
If you have a round face, choose a fedora with a tall crown to create the illusion of length. You can play down your full cheeks and rounded chin with a hat that creates a little balance, such as a newsboy hat. Hats with high crowns and straight brims are ideal for this face shape. A little asymmetry in the form of a tilted hat or a trilby will balance out the perfect symmetry of your face. Avoid hats such as cloches or beanies as they will only add to the roundness of your face.

How to find the right hat for your face type beanie hat Kim Kardashian large hat Britney Spears Fedora hatBritney Spears rocks a classic Fedora

How to find the right hat for your face type beanie hat Victoria Beckham newsboy hatVictoria Beckham looks impish in an androgynous newsboy hat

How to find the right hat for your face type beanie hat Kourtney Kardashian Trilby hatKourtney Kardashian pairs a trilby with leather boots for the perfect winter look

Square Face
A square face with a wide jaw bone and broad forehead can pull off a classic cloche or sun hat. Choose hats with delicate trims and embellishments such as a flower or a ribbon. A flirty bow goes a long way in softening the overall look. Also, a toque or beanie will induce roundness which is important in balancing the strong definition of a square face. Avoid a square or short-brimmed hat as it will only highlight the squareness of the face by defining it more.

How to find the right hat for your face type beanie hat Angelina Jolie classic cloche hatAngelina Jolie wears a vintage cloche in Changeling

Sun hat A wide-brimmed sun hat

Oval Face
If you have an oval face, you are truly blessed. You can rock pretty much all kinds of earrings, sunglasses and hats. Experiment with different styles of hats. Wear a slouchy beanie or toque on casual days and a beret when you’re in a fun mood. Bring out that Panama and team it with your favourite summer dress or wear a vintage-inspired cloche with a silk dress.

How to find the right hat for your face type Beanie hatA retro toque/beanie

How to find the right hat for your face type Ashley Olsen Panama hatAshley Olsen completes her casual look with a white Panama

Heart-shaped Face
If you have a wide forehead, full cheeks and narrow chin, you have a heart-shaped face and you want to choose hats that don’t have very wide brims. Ideal choices are a homburg hat or a medium-rimmed fedora. A beret or a beanie will also balance the wideness of your forehead. A bucket hat is a very flattering style for the heart-shaped face. Avoid hats with large rims that accentuate the forehead and make it look wider.

How to find the right hat for your face type Homburg hatA homburg hat with a bow and feather detail

How to find the right hat for your face type Bucket hat A bucket hat

Long Face
To make a long face more balanced, choose hats with a wide, circular brim. Large floppy brims will give your face a nice break and induce a certain roundness. Cloches or sun hats are a great way to create the illusion of a less-than-long forehead that is often the curse of a long face. Large and flared brimmed hats can also offset the length of the face. Avoid hats with long crowns as they will make your face look longer.

How to find the right hat for your face type cloche hatCloche hat

How to find the right hat for your face type Kim Kardashian sun hatKim Kardashian looks resplendent in a large floppy sun hat

If you want to wear your hat well, ensure that your hairstyle complements it. Loose and large curls tucked away in a beanie look gorgeous with a few flyaway strands. A straight and long ponytail in a fedora or a trilby looks sophisticated and elegant. Pigtails and braids also work well with most hat styles if you have shoulder-length hair in layers. When wearing a sun hat or summer hat, fuss-free straight or wavy hair will look stunning. Avoid complicated updos or elaborate hairstyles with a hat.

How to find the right hat for your face type Taylor Swift beanie hat curly hairTaylor Swift lets her large curls hang loose in a beanie

How to find the right hat for your face type Miranda Kerr braided hair hatMiranda Kerr rocks a side braid with a hat

Now that you know which hat suits your face, it’s time to go shopping. But, are you feeling the heat trying to figure out which one is which? We decode some common hat styles for you.

Common Hat Confusion

1) Fedora/Homburg/Trilby
Fedora: A felt hat with a small crown and brim that can be turned up or down.
History: Was originally designed for women though now is worn by both men and women

Homburg: A felt hat with a slightly rolled brim
History: Named after the German town Homburg where it was originally made.

Trilby: A soft hat with the brim sloping downwards at the front and angled upwards at the back.
History: Gets its name from the novel Trilby, since it was worn in the original London stage production.

Cause of confusion: Fedoras are dented across the length of the crown, Homburgs are dented down the centre of the crown and Trilbys have a deeply dented crown

2) Cowboy hat/Stetson
Cowboy hat: A high crowned and wide-brimmed hat used by cowboys and ranch workers.
History: John B Stetson started production of the cowboy hat in 1856 and the company still manufactures them.

Cause of confusion: The brand name ‘Stetson’ is now commonly used to mean ‘cowboy hat’—Stetson is just one brand that produces cowboy hats.

3) Beanie/Toque: A knitted or cloth cap joined at the crown by a button. The knit cap is known as the tuque or toque in Canada.

Cause of confusion: Will the Americans and Canadians just take this one outside?

4) Sun hat/Panama/Boater
Sun hat: A wide-brimmed hat in bright colours used for protection against the sun.
Panama: A summer hat made of straw.
Boater: A formal summer hat for men.

Cause of confusion: They’re all used in summer

5) Cloche/Bucket hat
Cloche: A close-fitting women’s hat popular in the 1920s.
History: Its name is derived from the French word ‘Cloche’, which means a bell.

Bucket hat: A soft cotton hat with a downward sloping brim; it often has metal eyelets.
History: Originally an Irish hat, it was commonly used during fishing and in the rains.

Cause of confusion: Although bucket hats are casual cotton hats, newer variations are made in different fabrics and the shape of the bucket hat sometimes resembles a cloche.

6) Beret/Newsboy hat
Beret: A soft flat-crowned hat usually made of felt, crochet cloth or wool.

Newsboy hat: A soft cap that is rounder than a beret and has a button on top and a cap like brim.

Cause of confusion: The beret and the newsboy hat have the same basic structure and are both used in androgynous dressing.

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