How (a)Pout This: Easy Steps To Gorgeous Matte Lips

Don’t you just love when one out of ten times you perfect the art of applying matte lipstick? That one time when your lips actually don’t look cracked or uneven due to the matte effect but very supple and understated chic. The other nine times you just blame it on the dryness and unforgiving Indian weather. How about we tell you that those matte lips will never go wrong again? Read on to know how to get perfect matte lips with these very simple yet effect tips.

  • Exfoliate. Definitely the first step before applying matte lipstick, exfoliation will help create the perfect smooth layer to apply your lipstick on. Take a wee bit of lip scrub on your finger tip and gently apply it on your lips, covering all rough patches. Lip scrubs are great resources to nourish your lips, and is the first step towards that matte application.
  • Lip Balm. Next step is to choose the right Chap Stick to moisturise those dry lips. Lip balms help in the smooth application of lipsticks, and they help in retaining the moisture your lips need. Wear it generously at all times, lipstick or no lipstick!
  • Pencil. For that perfect pout, line and fill your lips with a pencil shade that’s as close to your natural skin colour.
  • Lip Tint. Matte lip tints or chubby sticks are great options for everyday-makeup as they are creamier than the regular matte ones.
  • Colour me up! Shades look so much better in matte finish; from tangerine pops to baby pinks, you can go experimental with matte lip colours!
  • Plump It. If your lips seem dry after a few hours of applying matte lipstick, dab them with some lip balm. This will not add shine to those plump lips.
  • Removal. Always use a delicate makeup remover and gently clean up with soft cotton. What next? You guessed it – chappy time!

With these easy steps, you are on your way to full-bodied, luscious, classic deep matte lips!

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