How To Get Zooey Deschanel’s Vintage Look

We associate vintage style with elegance and admiration, as we saw our mothers wear cute shift dresses and a headscarf, looking gorgeous as ever. And when it comes to vintage, The New Girl, Zooey Deschanel seems to have mastered the art. We see her sweeping away hearts as she tries to incorporate the classic styles, especially the sixties.

Don’t we simply love her polkas, her florals and her geeky glasses? Don’t we love her big eyes gazing from under those bangs? And so does Tommy Hilfiger as he is coming up with a capsule of sixteen sixties inspired dresses in collaboration with Zooey for Spring/Summer 2014. While we wait for that to happen, let us decode her style and how we can ooze sixties oomph like Mademoiselle Deschanel.

A-line Dresses

aline 1

Be it a short skater, or a midi or even a tea-length dress, Zooey has it all. She probably can give a workshop on types and variations of A lines there ever existed. And since voluminous skirts and dresses are trending more than ever now, you may happily incorporate this style in your wardrobe.

Oh, Those Polkas!


Can we ever get over polkas? I think no matter how many motifs one comes up with-camera, birds, cat nothing can beat the magic of a dot. Super elegant, women who can carry it off are blessed and envied. Zooey likes her polkas on everything, be it a dress, top or even her night suit.

Are You Stocking Me?


While dresses got shorter in the 60s, pantyhose found it’s way into the wardrobes and no well groomed lady left the house without hosiery. Times have changed and women have become more comfortable flaunting their legs, yet once in a while it is astonishing how stockings can enhance the look of an outfit completely. Zooey would agree.

Indulge In A Waist Belt

belted waist

Zooey makes sure her outfits are feminine and pretty, and she accentuates her womanly curves with a waist belt, just like women in the 60s did. Volume + cinched at the waist makes a perfect combo to feel like Goddess Venus.

Plaids, please?


Plaids can do wonders to an outfit. Zooey has incorporate the print forever in her closet and we suggest you do too. Plaid jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts- as long as it doesn’t look like a Madrasi lungi we’d say grab it at once.

Can You Ever Have Enough Cardigans?


Coco Chanel loved her cardigans but so does Zooey Deschanel. After all, they look so simple yet elegant especially in pastels. Sport a cardigan over that feminine dress for the girl-next-door look or over that shirt for geeky-girl-next-door one.

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