How To Look Thinner Instantly

Not all of us are born with long, slender super-model bodies. Wanting to be thinner than you already are is something that most girls strive for. We save you from trying diet after diet and spending endless hours on the treadmill with a few tips on dressing to help you look slimmer and feel good about yourself.


Define your waist
It’s always ultra flattering for almost any body type to cinch their waist. Baggy, over-sized tops are the worst choice to make as they make you appear bigger and bulkier. Always opt for something that’s form-fitting. Belted dresses and tops, empire waistlines and chic peplums are perfect for defining your waist and concealing problem areas.

Look more toned
Remember that your sleeves should always end right at your wrists when your hands are hanging at your sides. Sleeves extending beyond this give the impression of an upper body that is flabbier than what it actually is.  I think that’s motivation enough to start cutting those sleeves.

No more clinginess
We all would avoid an extra clingy boyfriend like the plague. The same rule applies to your closet. No matter what you wear- tops, pants, dresses and skirts, the fabric should gently graze you and definitely not cling to you. Nothing could be more unflattering. If you’re wearing skinny jeans or leggings, wear a looser top to balance it out.

Accentuate your best assets
Try dressing to highlight your favourite features. If your proud of your collarbones then wear a strapless dress or if you have long legs then don’t be afraid to flaunt them in shorts and skirts. You can even use prints in strategically placed spots to highlight your best assets.  No one’s going to notice things you don’t want them to if you learn to dress like this.

Wear more black
We all know the magical slimming effects of wearing black, you don’t need to think twice about it. You know you feel the slimmest and sexiest in a classic all-black ensemble. You can break the monotony of the look with bright, bold accessories.

If it doesn’t fit, it’s not worth it
Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly is a rule of thumb you need to always follow, no matter what. We’ve all been tempted to buy a gorgeous dress in a size bigger or smaller because it wasn’t available in our size. If it’s too tight, you’re going to spill out of it and if it’s too big you will appear bigger than you are. Both options are hideous. Make sure it’s the correct size and the fit flatters you before you buy it.

It’s all about posture
A bad posture can make you look slouchy and fat. Remember to straighten those shoulders and hold that head high always to add high which help you look slimmer. Wearing heels improves your posture to a great extent and also elongates your legs which automatically helps you look super slender.

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