13 Ways to Curb the Compulsive Spender in You When the Rupee Sinks

With the rupee falling by the second, all shopping addicts have a lot to worry about. Don’t lose hope! We give you 13 ways to TRY to curb the compulsive spender in you when the rupee sinks.

Fall of the Rupee

Fall of the Rupee

  1. Convert to Jain-ism. No onions. Sheer brilliance!
  2. Bid goodbye to those pretty ASOS dresses and Zara’s international collections (yeah right!).
  3. If point number 2 is impossible (you don’t say?), fix yourself a budget per month. Tell yourself, “I will only shop for xx amount in September.” Keep a little black book handy or sticky notes on your tab and update it every time you buy something.
  4. Those fashion streets will welcome you with open arms. Are you brave enough to enter? It’s a whole new world of aztecs and shorts-in-all-colours out there at jaw-dropping prices.
  5. Get rich or die trying. (That comfy couch and potato chips are not going to help you get those gorgeous Jimmy Choos you’ve been eyeing).
  6. Start cycling to work. Not only will you save a million dollars on petrol, your work out time will be reduced to half. Tryina’ catch me ridin’ dirty – that’s the music playing on those funky headphones you are going to put on while riding to work.
  7. Fall back on DIYs (do-it-yourself), using one fashion item in different ways, or restyling and mismatching different pieces to create new looks.
  8. Take a pair of scissors, and cut your credit card into two pieces. (I know you’d rather stop eating onions!)
  9. Become best buds with your local rickshawalla. Better yet, take up the role of a rickshaw driver and compete with Bill Gates’ bank balance.
  10. Take up a work-from-home job. No conveyance problem. No exorbitant cab/rickshaw fares.
  11. For the sweets addict, no more fancy desserts in jars, quirky wrappers, with exotic ingredients sprinkled with pixie dust. Move from 5-star desserts to a 5-star chocolate bar.
  12. Finally, those annoying cousins from the States can be of some use. The twentieth iPhone will be out sooner than later, so stay in touch and make sure you remain in their good books. Don’t forget to drop obvious hints about your purchasing power and birth date.
  13. Sell a kidney, you only need one.

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- Sneha Mankani

Photo Courtesy: Satishtechnicalsarticles.blogspot.in

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