How To Strengthen Weak & Brittle Nails In 7 Simple Ways

If you’re trying to get over your nail biting habit or have ruined your natural nails due to artificial extensions, you’re probably left with brittle and weak nails. We know you wish to have strong and long nails just like your girlfriends, but every time you try to grow your nails, they either break or develop cracks. We show you a few simple ways to care for your nails, so that they grow faster and stronger.

how to strengthen weak and brittle nails

1. Clear Off All Chemicals
The first thing you need to do is remove your nail paint and throw away the acetone. Two of the reasons for brittle nails are harsh nail polish removers and cheap nail enamel. Take a four- to five-week break from polish and let your nails breathe.

2. Use Lemon In The Day
Lemon helps your nails clear off the chemical residue as well as brighten them. If you are trying to get rid of your nail-biting habit then lemon will help you keep your hands out of your mouth.

3. Use Olive Oil Or Moisturiser At Night
Just like your skin, your nails also need moisturiser. Use a bit of olive oil and rub it on your nails and fingertips. Preferably use gloves to cover your hands before sleeping, so the oil does not wipe off easily.

4. Cut And File Your Nails, Don’t Saw
If you are trying to strengthen your nails, you need to first cut them. Yes, we know you want them long but cut them and let them grow healthy. Then file them in one direction using a filer. Do not file back and forth like a saw. This makes your nails brittle and prone to cracking.

5. Stock Up On Calcium And Protein
One of the top reasons for your nails being weak is your diet. You need enough calcium and protein in your food. Have pulses, dairy products, bananas and nuts on a daily basis. You can even take multivitamin and calcium supplements from your doctor.

6. Avoid Contact With Water
Your nails, just like your skin, have small pores that retain water. They can become really soft when in contact with water, and if this keeps happening regularly eventually your nails will lose their strength. So if you need to do the housework or are a swimmer, try wearing gloves or at least use a bit of oil before putting your hands in the water.

7. Quality Nail Paint
If your nails seem healthy after two to three weeks,apply a coat of clear nail paint. This will help them grow stronger without cracks. However, ensure that you use quality nail paint. You can try an affordable range such as Lakmé or Maybelline, and high-end brands like OPI and Revlon.

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