How To Take Your Own Measurements While Shopping Online

measurement_guideWe hate waiting in the long queue and the chaos in the store during sale period, and we thank the tech Gods that online shopping has come to our rescue. It’s quicker, simpler and easier.  But all this excitement fizzles out when you open your anticipated order and it does not fit you. Avoid the bummer of sizing jumble and read our guidelines on how to take measurements from head to toe.

Every clothing product page has got a size chart. It isn’t there for decorative purposes, use it. Once you get a grip of your proportions, it becomes an easy peasy process.

Your Guide to Taking Your Measurements for Online Shopping

What you will need:
1. A soft tape measure
2. Pencil and paper for notes
3. A friend or sibling. You can return the favour by helping them taking theirs once you are done.

Now you are ready to start sizing yourself up!

1. Arms: There are a few different opinions when it comes to assessing your sleeve length. Some say that you should measure from your armpit to your wrist, but we’ve found it best to start from the tip of your shoulder.

2. Bust: Measure the fullest part of your chest with your arms down (tip: take the measurement on your bra itself, preferably a non-padded one).  You might need a second pair of hands for this one, so asking a pal or your close family member isn’t a bad idea.

3. Inseam: For all those who are learning this word for the first time, inseam is the measurement taken from your crotch till the bottom of your leg. So, measure the distance from your crotch till the bottom of your anklebone.

4. Hips: To determine the circumference of your hips, measure the widest part of your body at this point (roughly seven to nine inches down from your navel).

5. Shoulder: Measure your shoulders from one side to another, drawing the tape measure snugly across your back. This is a key step before buying tailored blazers, jackets and fitted tops in general.

6. Waist: Wrap the tape measure around the slimmest part of your waist. This should be somewhere between your navel and your rib cage. Didn’t get it? Just bend sideways at the waist; the part that contracts is your natural waist.

Now that you have got it all written down, feed it in your phone so that you need not do this all over again when in need. Once you know your measurements, your online shopping is going to be an easy ride.

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