How to wear a WBD

Who would have thought that with winter here, celebrities would be stripping down to the bare minimum rather than piling on the layers. It looks like the Little Black Dress is a bit too demure for red carpet appearances in today’s day and age. More and more starlets are opting to leave hardly anything to the imagination with the Why Bother Dress. Just as the name suggests, the WBD is a daring and racy dress made up of as little fabric as possible and if there is a bit of extra material then it’s probably sheer.

You may approve of it or not, but there is no arguing with the fact that every eye in the room will be on you. Actresses are taking this route of scandalous dressing to create a buzz about their films and are succeeding in garnering plenty of attention. In this dawn of Miley Cyrurses and Rihannas, it’s not too long before the risqué WBD becomes a common sight.

Deepika Padukone, Miley Cyrus and Shruti Hassan

Deepika Padukone, Miley Cyrus and Shruti Hassan

If bold and shocking is your style and you’re comfortable with flaunting your birthday suit, then follow these tips on how to wear a WBD.

*Caution: These uber-sheer dresses aren’t for the light-hearted.

1. You need a fantastic body to pull this off so if you’ve got it then you should totally go for it.

2. Underwear is a strict no-no!

3. Make sure you are plucked, waxed and shaved everywhere – yes, we mean EVERYWHERE! You don’t want any embarrassing strands popping out.

4. You should be signing up for pilates, power yoga and zumba with a vengeance. Your body should be toned into perfection. Bit of flesh hanging out of your scantily-clad ensemble will not be a pretty sight.

5. Since you’re going to be flaunting a lot of skin, it better be silky smooth. Exfoliators and moisturizers should be bought in bulk for soft, sleek skin.

6. Such outfits should be saved for the night. You don’t want cases of indecency at the workplace filed at you.

7. It’s all about your body language.  There’s no point wearing a daring dress if you’re going not going to channel some undeterred confidence. Being shy is not sexy. Strut your stuff proudly to nail this trend.

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