5 Super Ways to Style Your Loafers

We adore our heels and wish we could wear them everywhere (even to bed). But since we can’t really do that, fancy flats are the way to go. And the coolest flats around are loafers. We show you 5 super ways to style your loafers with different looks.

1. Cutesy Casual
Just heading out for a coffee or casual date with a friend? Try bright coloured loafers with cool patterns or embellishments in the front. The cat design and floral cuts are very popular.

style your loafers

2. Hippie Girl
Feeling boho? Try ethnic loafers with maxi dresses, skirts, and other hippie style apparel. You may even opt for shoes with embellishments and prints on them.

style your loafers
3. Feisty Formal
Loafers are a girl’s best friend when it comes to formal wear, as they match with almost all kinds of office apparel. Stick with single colour loafers in black, brown, red and other shades.

style your loafers
4. Glam Diva
Try a pair of fancy loafers with a touch of bling for an evening out. Wear it with stockings or with a risqué dress. You will surprise everyone.

style your loafers
5. Fashion Forward
If you’re going for a total fashionista look, then opt for loafers that complement your outfits. You may go for contrast or monotone. Don’t shy away from quirky prints and different cuts on the shoe front.

style your loafers

Dos and Don’ts:
- Don’t wear them with socks, unless you’re going for a school girl look.
- Don’t pair loafers with palazzo or bell-bottom type pants.
- Do try to center your entire outfit around statement loafers.
- Do experiment and try different prints and colours. Try mixing prints.
- Do buy shoes that fit you well. Loafers are closed toe so they may cause shoe bites.

Walk with swagger using these tips to style your loafers. Write to us if you have any more chic ways to wear loafers.

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Image Courtesy: thefashiontag.wordpress.com, michellekenneth1.blogspot.com, hippielace.blogspot.com, www.greenscarf.com, oneofeachblog.com, www.soobest.com, paperdollstudio.ca

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