Orange Lipstick: What and How

Orange for the lips, really? If that’s what you’re thinking, then the answer is yes! Orange lipstick is a huge trend across the globe. Remember, when we loved the bright red and pink hues for almost any kind of outfit. Well, it is now time to go tangerine.

If you want to wear orange lipstick without looking like a clown, here are a few tips on how to pick the right shade.

Pick the Shade

The first step to rocking this trend is to find a shade of orange that suits your skin. You may think that this hue is only right for fair skin, light-eyed women. Well, that’s a myth! Read on to learn more.

Light Complexion: If you are fair skinned you may opt for bright, pastel shades probably a neon one.

Orange Lipstick

Wheatish Complexion: Pick shades of orange that are darker than your regular lip shade. Ensure that your colour is deep and rich.

Orange Lipstick

Dusky Complexion: Guess what; orange lipstick and your skin tone is a match made in heaven. Opt for brown-based tangerine shades for a perfect pout.

Orange Lipstick
How to Wear It
- If you have a yellow tone to your skin, then opt for lipsticks that have a bronze or gold shimmer.
- If you have reddish skin, then opt for pink-orange or coral shades with silver-based shimmer.
- Orange shades usually have a yellow base to it. If your teeth are yellowish, then pick a shade that will not highlight your teeth colour prominently or get a whitening treatment.
- With orange lipstick, keep the rest of your face nude or with light makeup. Don’t overdose on eyes and cheeks.
- If you are not sure of directly going for a bold lip colour for your pout, then opt for a lip stain or gloss in this shade and try the look.

Do let us know if these tips helped you in the comment section.

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