Hyderabad Xpress-A New Takeaway Joint in Andheri

Are you a burbie craving some good Hyderabadi biryani and kebabs? Well you are in luck as a new take away joint, Hyderabad Xpress opens in Andheri. Reasonably priced, it specialises in Hyderabadi and Mughali cuisine. Their fragrant Shahi Hyderabadi dum ki biryani, laden with tender chunks of meat has already garnered a following. Their menu features dishes like Dum Ka Murgh, Badami Murgh and kebabs like Nawabi Kabab, Lasooni Kebab, Achari kebab and more. This place is clearly a mutton lovers paradise, although it does have vegetarian options like the Paneer Tikka, Irani Tikka, Kadai and Matka curries. The Baigan ka Salan, which accompanies the biryani is delicious as well.
The Dum ki Biryani is prices at Rs. 170 for chicken and Rs. 190 for Mutton. The kebabs start at Rs. 130.
Currently they offer free home delivery to areas in and around Lokhandwala, MHADA, Oshiwara, Shastri Nagar, Millat nagar and Yamuna Nagar. View the delivery radius on their Facebook page here.
Call 8419938333 to place an order.
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