I Have a Long Way to go and Life is Full of Surprises: Ayesha Kapur

Not too many people get a chance to act with Big B Amitabh Bachchan at a very young age, and Ayesha Kapur not only acted, but also won awards for her marvellous acting in the film Black. Considering acting as her passion, this young girl plans to pursue drama, but before going ahead with this, were you aware that this kid turned into a designer a couple of years ago?

That’s true! Ayesha along with her mom set up Ayesha Accessories with the aim of providing accessories at affordable prices.  Ayesha’s mother Jacqueline did plan to start something, but the inspiration was always people. “My mom and I thought of doing something together as she already had an independent store,” Ayesha revealed. “But I draw my inspiration from people. I notice how people dress, what they like and what they want,” she confessed.

The Ayesha Flagship store was first launched in Pondicherry, where Ayesha lives. But within no time this brand turned contagious and was welcomed in Goa, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. “We’re doing the best in Pondicherry. I guess it’s because we had started off there. We’re also doing very well in Bangalore and Mumbai,” she said.

What adds to the entire business is that Ayesha herself endorses her self-titled brand. However, her mother handles the business and Ayesha along with other designers manages the accessories. It’s also good to know that this young girl finds time for school. To this she said, “I take my studies very seriously. Since a part of me loves acting, I’m off to the US to study in a film school. Drama is important for me and it cannot be sidelined.”

Challenges are just a part and parcel of life and Ayesha’s biggest challenge is to keep up with everything. “I’m still in my 11th grade, and it gets difficult to manage studies, the store and to keep aside enough time to hangout with my friends.”

On a positive note, Ayesha feels that her passion lies in acting as well as designing. “I want to continue acting and designing. But this is not the end. I’m still 16! I have a long way to go and life is full of surprises,” she concluded with a smile.

-Suezelle D’Costa

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