IceQube Lounge Review: A Freezing Adventure in Mumbai

If you’re planning to make a trip to IceQube Lounge, feel free to take along your smoking pipe. At a freezing -6 degrees Celcius, all that will help you retain the warmth in this lounge are the coat and gloves that they kindly provide you as you walk in.

How I wish they had provided something to cover our feet as well! I looked around enviously at the lucky patrons wearing shoes to escape the cold getting to their feet. In short, if you’re not smoking or dancing, don’t even think you can stay indoors for more than an hour. Thankfully, IceQube also has an outdoor (just beyond the iced walls) seating arrangement.

With ice slabs used as tables and chairs, we did begin to feel like we were in the Arctic. IceQube gives you a sense of a pub with its colourful lighting and ear-splitting music. To start off, we placed our orders for a Long Island Ice Tea, a Mojito and a Sex on the Beach. The cocktails delivered a brief splash of bliss.

As we continued sitting on our iced thrones, we decided to call for our starters. Cottage Cheese and Bell Pepper in Barbeque Sauce came first followed by a Non-Veg Platter. The cottage cheese had a heavenly flavour and the barbeque sauce transported us to paradise. Even better was the Non-Veg Platter which was dominated by chicken. It included Chicken Olivets, Thai Chicken Sathey, Oriental Chicken, Chicken Koliwada, Chicken Drums on Heaven (Chicken Lillipops) and Fish Fingers. We loved every bite.

By now, my Mumbai-weather accustomed body could not deal with the cold and so I dragged my friends out into the non-ice lounge. We got rid of the coat and the gloves, and found a table for ourselves. Sadly, IceQube Lounge offers a very limited menu. The platters (veg and non-veg) have almost everything, and the main course includes only pastas. However, we ordered a second round of starters – Pesto Chicken that came in soup spoons garnished with basil leaves; and an Assorted Veg Platter with Hara Bhara Kebab that was a bit dry, Chilli Potato Wedges that tasted like potato dipped and fried in schezwan sauce (very delicious!), Stuff Mushroom, Onion Rings and Jalapeno Cheese Poppers that were the best of the lot with cheese bursting in our mouths. And finally, the pastas arrived.

In terms of choice of pasta or the sauces, the options are limited as IceQube only dishes up Penne Pasta in veg and non-veg (chicken), either served in Alfredo Sauce or Ariabiatta Sauce. You may have it tossed with zucchini, bell pepper, baby corn, broccoli, basil and other veggies. The only disappointment was that even though the menu listed desserts, we were notified that the lounge had discontinued them. We suggest they take it off their menu. In any case, the rest was an amazing experience, so we decided to overlook the desserts. Our evening at IceQube was well spent and we recommend you put on your winter boots and give it a shot.









Cover charges:

  • Monday to Friday: Rs. 500 per person between 12pm to 7pm & Rs. 800 7pm to 1:30am
  • Saturday: Rs. 800 before 7pm & Rs. 1100 after 7pm
  • Sunday: Rs. 800 all day
  • Students Offer: Entry for two with Drinks & Starters at Rs.500 between 12pm to 6pm
  • Special for Women on Wednesday: Free Entry between 8pm -11pm only for Ladies

IceQube Lounge address: 28, Meera CHS, opposite Mega Mall, Oshiwara, Andheri west, Mumbai, India 400069

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