5 Iconic Curly Haired Girls We Love

It takes a lot of effort to tame and manage curly hair, believe me, I go through this everyday! While we do love to look sleek and do different antics to our locks, let me tell you that beautiful curls are a rare asset and yes, they are beautiful. Here are the 5 most iconic curly haired women who made them look gorgeous effortlessly, and hey! If they can, you can too.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

The most iconic style of all time. Thanks to the Sex and the City series, the way Carrie carried her curls; it’s an inspiration to all the curly haired women. To achieve the look, you just need to put on some anti-frizz lotion or spray on your damp hair, scrunch it, leave it to dry naturally.

2. Beyonce

Though the pop icon has sported lots of different hairstyles, this is my all time favorite. To get the look, curl your hair with a tong (Wait! Curl on curly hair?). By doing this, you will get more defined curls that will stay longer and be less frizzy.


3. Taylor Swift

The new age diva with lovely curls that are not hard to manage. So how do you get well defined curls like her? It’s simple, really. Wash-condition-apply curl defining product-scrunch-DONE!


4. Shakira

Fabulous curly hair is synonymous with Shakira. You wouldn’t believe if I tell you that she does not do anything at all to maintain her tresses. Yes, she says she just leaves them the way they naturally fall, may be just a frizz free spray to tame the hair, that’s all!


5. Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood’s official curly haired girl, Kangana Ranaut lets her hair do the talking.  She is quoted saying “My curly hair is my personality and I love it!”. So how does she maintain it? She says “I get a hot oil treatment regularly because while shooting the hair goes through a lot of wear and tear so repairing it is essential. If you have curly hair never use a comb, use your fingers.”


Flaunt your curly manes just like these divas do. And if any non curly haired person tries to give you any advice, you should first ask them to read Things you should never say to a curly haired girl.

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