If Only the Vaginas Could Speak

When we told a friend that we watched Vagina Monologues and told him that he should set aside some time to watch the play, he gave us a strange look and said, “But, it sounds all girlish…” Well, it may sound girlish because of the title, but this play is a must watch for everyone, as it deals with a very sensitive issue concerning women — their vagina.

Before the play kick started, we were made to say the word “vagina” several times by Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, director of Vagina Monologues, who reminded us that there is no reason for embarrassment as we have all been very close to it before we saw the light of the day.

The play, written by Eve Ensler, was performed by four senior theatre and television personalities — Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal, Dolly Thakore, Jayati Bhatia and Sonali Sachdev. They were all dressed up in simple black and red clothes, probably underlining the fact that the monologues are of everyday women. Based on conversations with women across the world, the monologues ranged from a woman who was afraid to have sex, a woman who turned lesbian because men didn’t like her loud moaning during intercourse to a woman who came to love her vagina after her man loved looking at it.

Every monologue was delivered with complete passion and enthusiasm. Before the monologue ‘Reclaiming Cunt’, Sonali Sachdev encouraged the audience to say the word cunt loudly and then broke into a cunt jingle that left the whole audience laughing.

The monologues make us shed inhibitions about our sexual parts, problems and fantasies and help us accept ourselves the way we are, especially women. Men on the other hand are given the opportunity to look at sex through the woman’s eyes and learn a thing or two about what sex means and does to women.

The play brought out our innermost selves as it gathered both men and women together to entertain, enlighten and educate. As has been said often, we too recommend this play to all as something that must be experienced. But of course, you have to be an adult.

- Sonia Khudanpur and Suezelle D’Costa

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