Imagica: India Gets Its First Theme Park


Magic carpets, flying elephants or a dinosaur’s world. Not to forget the thrilling rides. We’re not talking about our trip to Orlando or an animated movie. It’s here. Finally, India’s very own magic kingdom is not too long away now. Opening on the 18th of April is India’s largest and the very first theme park, Adlabs Imagica, a brain child of the Adlabs CEO Manmohan Shetty. A marvelous getaway for children and your outlet for the pent-up stress gathered from office, Imagica will surely be a fix for your monotony. 


A shopaholic who isn’t ready to confess, roller-coaster fanatics with a brilliant ability to scream on top of their lungs, a foodie who can wipe clean the kitchen counters at the theme park or someone who wants to just chill, Imagica will not let you down. Located near Khopoli, off the Mumbai-Pune expressway, this Adlabs venture is sure to take your breath away. 


Done up in a very Disneyland sort of fashion, the park has six zones – Viva Europa, Asiana, India, Arabia, Americana and Jambo Africa. Each zone has its own bunch of rides and attractions with anomalously Indianized names. Be it Mr. India, a 4D theatre that takes you on a bumpy ride, the Rajasaurus River Adventure that drenches you like a fish thrown in a water-pot, the Scream Machine that leaves you absolutely disoriented or the Gold Rush Express that drops you from as high as 66 feet, there’s lots in store for adventure-junkies and each of these have their own splendor.. Get into the most exciting laser gun fight as you rescue Alibaba from the Chalis Chor or be ready to enjoy India’s first roller coaster ride in the dark that takes you into the Deep Space. As if these weren’t enough, there are tons of more rides that you can explore, but at your own risk! 


Imagica has six amazing restaurants to satiate all your taste buds. The Red Bonnet American Diner boasts about its brilliant burgers that you will long to wipe off the plate. Rock music on the roll, dim neon lights, red leather chairs and counters and checkered flooring, you will step foot into America from the 60′s. The Imagica Capital presents two restaurants; the first is the spicy Indian one and the other being the cheesy Italian one. One could totally go African with the Zeze Bar and Grill and just drool over the amazing barbecues and tropical cocktails. Chill with a cup of gourmet coffee with a very inviting Spanish Ambience, while you breathe in the expansive view of Imagica at the Arrmada Tapas Bar. If none of these fancy your liking, Roberto’s Food Coaster is always around for some junk for your tummy. 


The stage shows include the characters of Imagica, which come to life. Be it Tubbby or Princess Neera, these characters are sure to amuse you. The Electric Enigma Laser Show is something you must never miss out on. Watch beautiful laser beams pierce the air right through to the Imagica skyline and get awestruck. The street shows steal the limelight highlighted by the ImagiCarnival, complete with magicians, jugglers, clowns and much more interesting things. Many more thrilling events are yet to feature, so brace yourselves for more at this Adlabs experience. 


The first few weeks at this place are predicted to be jam packed and hence they are open for bookings from the 18th of April. Open from 10am to 8pm, this place is designed for people who like unique experiences and like to keep the magic alive. The tickets are priced at Rs. 1,200 for adults and Rs. 900 for children. However, a weekly off on Tuesday is observed for due maintenance. Plan accordingly, plan prior, plan fun. And hey, don’t forget to carry those cameras!


It’s going to be an epic joyride!


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