In Conversation With Musician Vernon Noronha

Mumbai never runs out of talent, and here’s an addition to our all time favourite category – Music! My affair with music has been ancient. So, once when I was hanging out at High Street Phoenix, I heard this young guy strumming and singing. At first, I had my jaw dropped because he was singing every song that was requested by-heart! I simply cannot remember lyrics :( I immediately went up to this lady who was taking the requests and asked her for this lads name. Vernon Noronha, she replied. Since then I wanted to know about his passion for music. He then performed at Live From The Console, which according to Vernon was an amazing experience as the sound was brilliant and the audiences’ response was also amazing.

Off late, Vernon has been busy working on his own compositions. “I know where I’m heading,” he said, adding, “I’m living on music.” Apart from the normal gigs, this young artiste has also been working on music for Bollywood films, which are scheduled to release early next year.

Singing has been a part of Vernon since childhood. “I always knew I could sing. My first composition was when I was in Std I. I never owned a guitar. Slowly, I began jamming with friends, started performing with them, made the money, bought a guitar, learnt it all by myself, took some help from friends who knew the instrument and here I am today, performing at various events including corporate parties,” he explained.

For Vernon, there is no particular formula for composing a song. At times, it starts with a thought and then the music is composed. Sometimes, the melody is created and then the lyrics shape up or at times, it’s the other way round – the lyrics are born first followed by the tune.

When asked what makes him stand out among all the other budding musicians, Vernon replied, “I can cut through with my originals. Everyone is sure to like the melody.”

Soul pop, alternate and folk music are the genres Vernon focuses on. So, in the next five years, this talent may spread all over the world as Vernon plans to take his music abroad. “In the next couple of years, I should be cutting out an album abroad,” he said.

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