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With a classy collection of chic dresses and stylish shirts, it’s no surprise that Ny.Lon is one of Shop InOnIt’s most popular brands. We chat with designers and owners to know more about the label that is fast becoming a fashion brand to look out for.

Ny.Lon on Shop InOnIt

Ny.Lon on Shop InOnIt

How did the label Ny.Lon first develop?

‘Ny.Lon’ was started by us- Shreiyah Sabharwal & Sohila Bajaj in 2010. Having graduated from colleges in New York and London respectively, we started ‘Ny.lon” with a vision for chic affordable women’s fashion, targeted at an age group of 14-30. Having lived in two of the world’s leading fashion destinations, our romance with fashion started straight off the New York and London sidewalks that breathed style and individuality. It was here; our creative styles were born and on moving back home to India our creative energies fused to give birth to ‘Ny.Lon’. An eye for detail and straight silhouettes is the hallmark of our creations.

Having lived in two of the world’s leading fashion destinations – New York and London, how does the Indian fashion scene compare?

The fashion industry in India is still a growing industry. The scene is ever evolving and so to be a part of this industry at this time is actually very exciting. With the opening of international high street brands such as Zara, Adolfo Dominguez, Forever 21, etc the accessibility to fashion has increased which in turn makes for a chicer India. On the domestic front, there are so many Indian designers that are making huge waves with their western wear like Atsu, Alpana & Neeraj and Rohit +Rahul Gandhi to name a few. Hence today I think we can say that India is a melting pot of fashion.

There are countless fashion brands for women, what sets Ny.Lon apart?

 Superior quality in easy styles at competitive prices is what sets us apart.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

 Honestly, we draw inspiration from everyday life. We have two categories under our label- office wear and casual wear. Our office wear collection came about as we along with our friends and colleagues realized a lack of smart, sassy and comfortable office going options for women. Our casual wear collection is made up of brunch dresses, formal party wear and lounge wear. We always design keeping in mind what we would personally wear!

What is your favourite Ny.Lon product?

We have so many but if were to talk about one it would probably be our brunch dress- it comes in different colours, ruffles and cuts. It’s the perfect go to lunch dress- throw on a pair of strappy sandals and a cropped jacket and your set.

Ny.Lon is one of Shop InOnIt’s most fashionable brands. How are you liking the association?

 We are loving the association! is a one stop shop for all things fashion keeping in mind accessibility, variety and viable prices- what’s not to love?


As told to Priyanka Ghura

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