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Veteran interior designer Zarine Khan expanded her design expertise into the fashion world with the launch of her store, Fizaa in March 2012. The gifted celeb mom tells us more about her latest passion, Fizaa in an exclusive chat with

What made you switch from interior designing to the fashion line?

To begin with, I was working as an interior designer for three decades and hence felt the need to try something new. Fashion has been my passion for as long as I can remember. At the age of 17, I modeled for various brands such as D.C.M Textile and Tata Textile. I have walked on fashion ramps on numerous occasions and was generally given the privilege to be cynosure of all eyes. My experience triggered my choice of heading into the fashion industry. Also, after my younger daughter, Sussanne Roshan followed my earlier passion of interior designing by opening a huge store, The Charcoal Project, I thought I was ready to get into the fashion industry.


Interior of Fizaa


What was the idea/inspiration behind Fizaa?

Fizza is my lovely granddaughter’s name; my biggest inspiration behind the store. She reminds me of my younger days. Fizza loves dressing up just as I did when I was of her age. And so I decided to open a fashion store and name it after her.

What were the challenges that you faced while putting together Fizaa? 

The biggest challenge was to wait patiently foralmost a year whilst the interiors of my store was in process. Especially as I had to get a completely new look for this store from my earlier image in interiors. I breathed a sigh of relief only after its completion and there was a sense of satisfaction as everything came out right. But I was truly happy when the invitees on the opening day were all praises for the clean lines of the decor.

Since you handpick each of the designers, what do you look for in each designer?

I have followed fashion consistently through the years and by now I am aware what different age groups look for in designer apparel. We have an assortment of beautiful clothes from couture to casual day wear, so that a client who walks in to my store always finds something to go back with. Also, being an interior designer, I want my store to look very appealing and hence keep requesting my designers to give me a variety of color palettes, from pastels to sophisticated black and whites and flaming reds and oranges.

How easy/difficult was it to approach and get these designers on board?

It wasn’t too difficult because I think I have created a name of substance through the years, which is known to be dependable. My designers are aware of this and are confident that I will do my best to keep them happy at all times. Because if my designers are not happy then I am not happy and this would ultimately reflect on the store sales. Most of my designers are my friends and the new younger lot I intend to promote to the very top. Hence, our store has some known and unknown designer names. This allows our buyers to see a vast range of designer clothes.

How has the response been so far? Are you planning on getting any more designers on board?

Considering my store is only 3 months old, I think the response has been extraordinary. Of course, I would like it to become even more popular as the days go by and hence I am always looking out for getting more designers on board who are competent and whose work would go with the level of design in my store. So far we have 26 designers and in another month or two we will add about 10 more. I guess that should be a large enough number of designers to entice anyone who walks into Fizaa.


As told to Priyanka Ghura


Store Address: Fizaa, Sanjay Plaza, A. B. Nair  Road, Opposite Juhu Post Office, Juhu, Mumbai 4000049

Contact number: 022 26200691/26287982


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