Infiniti- India’s First Scuba Diving Live Aboard

What our country’s tourism needed is here: India’s first scuba diving live aboard- Infiniti. Launched this month by Mumbai based travel company Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd., this 130 feet long luxury cruise is a combination of comfort and quality with high design and safety standards. Scuba enthusiasts from across the world can look forward to this one, as it will take you places regular boats cannot go to, in the fresh, unexplored and exotic sites of blue Lakshwadeep and Andaman island waters.  
On this venture, Mr. Sunil Bakshi, founder of Karina Tourism & Adventures Pvt. Ltd. tells InOnIt, “The Infiniti is a one-of-a-kind experience in India and a world class outfit on every count: the food, the cabin crew, the hospitality, the level of comfort. In traditional diving outfits, one is often so tired by reaching the dive sites in small boats, that one does not have much energy to do more than a dive. On the Infiniti, you can do 3 dives a day, since you will arrive at the sites in total comfort and ease.  The Andaman Islands are a unique destination compared to anywhere in the world and offer a wealth of marine life, great visibility in the water and a plethora of uninhabited islands. It is an unparalleled joy to spend the night, after a great day of diving, anchored off a deserted island, a million stars overhead and a barbeque blazing on the upper deck of the boat. A lot of love, care and dedication has gone into this, from the great coffee in the morning, to the attention of the dive team, the courtesy of the crew- it makes for a special holiday. At least once in your lifetime you must experience this bliss!” 
Sounds unbelievably unreal, doesn’t it? The live-aboard was built in Thailand and certified by Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) from Italy. Venturing out on a live-aboard cruise and exploring vast oceans will surely make you a happy diver. They will take you directly from the airport and transfer you to your new house on water. Equipped cabins, nutritious meals, sundecks, a dive deck are some of the main features of Infiniti. 
Trips in the Andaman Islands on Infiniti start from September 2013 and a 4 nights stay would cost you approximately Rs. 59,999. 
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