InOnIt Diaries: Bros vs. Hoes

#1 Early Christmas Celebration With Icing On Top


A bagful of truffles, cakelettes, tarts and cookies from Icing on Top saved us from monotony on a Monday afternoon. 30 minutes spent over it and here’s our verdict of the special winter goodies from Ayushi Shah.

The truffles, covered with bitter cocoa powder had strong flavours of ginger, peppermint and orange that hit you with the first bite. With a lot of textures and crunchy caramelised nuts, the Devil’s Double cakelette won our approval, but for chocolate lovers, Two Much would easily steal the crown. With dark chocolate oozing out, this one was an epicurean delight. Another one that stood out was the creamy, moist and not-too-sweet Red Velvet. We’d also recommend Ginger but only if your taste buds don’t defy the taste. Our disappointment bubbled in the Mulled wine and Xmas velvet, nothing particularly Christmas-y about it. In the bite-sized cookies, we liked the delicious cinnamon, zesty lemon ones, the savoury cran+orange spice and the best out of the lot, the oaty caramel crunch- dark chocolate sandwiched between crunchy layers. And lastly, definitely try the tarts. Again, the lemon tart was creamy and light, the one with a small peanut sitting on top had caramel oozing out with every bite and we loved the clandestine cherry inside the black forest tart.


 #2 Hunger Games at Fingers Cross


A spontaneous decision to break free from the monotonous dinner routine, lead us to Fingers Cross beside Infinity Mall, Andheri (W). Our evening at this dimly restaurant that sports a textured wall and a rack stocked with liquor, turned out to be quite pleasant. The drinks were great with LIIT and Mojitio shaken to perfection and garnished with a lemon. For main, we’d recommend you go ahead with their non-veg platter. Meant for hungry souls, this one comes up generous servings of chicken, lamb, prawns and squids. Our all-carnivores bunch wiped it clean every bite. No complains with the Chicken Barbecue Sizzler and the Seafood Sizzler but we weren’t fans. Service is not up to the mark but head out once to Fingers Cross just for that delectable platter and of course, the cheap booze! Dinner for 4 came up to Rs. 2,000 with alcohol.


#3 *$tarbucks*


The Starbucks at Oberoi Mall may not have their trademark green cushion chairs, but it has a cosy vibe to it. Contrary to the buzz around town, we didn’t stand in long queues. If you want to play a safe bet, call for the traditional Cafe Mocha that had a perfect balance of coffee and sweetness. For something cool and chocolaty, get the Java Chip Frappuccino. Although the taste of coffee is overpowering, it was a delight to find chocolate chips in our drink. The Elaichi Mawa Croissant and Chatpata Paratha Wrap on the menu sounded too Indian for our liking- we wouldn’t have chosen to sit in Starbucks if Indian snacks is what we wanted. We suggest you try the Chicken Tikka Panini served in amazing herb breads. However, as much as the Chicken and Mozzarella Turn-over sounded tempting, with hopes of molten cheese with chicken, we ended up disappointed as it strangely tasted like Pav Bhaji.


#4 Gulp, Gulp, Burp! @ Beerlympics


One of my friends proclaimed, “The event we have been preparing for since our college years is here!” This was not about taking his company public, but about Beerlympics 2012. With a gung-ho team of 5, which we named “Bros” after another team aptly called themselves “Hoes” (reference to Hoegaarden, in case you were wondering), we embarked on an exciting journey, which started with Flip Cup, went on to Case Race, Straw Chug, Beer Pong, Chug Chug Chug, Beer Quiz and ended with Beer Bong. A fun evening, held at Smaash in Kamla mills, it involved lots of chugging and some trash talk. We hope to see more of these organized by Orange Tie events. To stay updated, follow them here

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