InOnIt Fix: Summertime Makeup Tips by Rukshana

Let us all embrace summertime and enjoy this season for all its scorching glory. But the onset of the summers brings with it problems of the skin, in turn making it difficult for us to maintain that natural glow. To help us make this time of the year easy breezy, expert in the field of grooming and etiquettes, Rukshana Eisha gives us some handy and important tips on makeup. So the sunshine can bring out the beauty of your face, without damaging it. Read on as Rukshana gives us some great advice on skin essentials this summer. And if you need a refreshing drink after you’re done looking all pretty, read InOnIt’s guide to summer coolers you can make at home!

Summertime Basic Makeup Tips

After your morning cleansing, toning and moisturizing regiment, I would recommend 4 basic daily makeup steps, bearing in mind summertime and humidity.

 1. Apply a light layer of compact or loose powder closest to your skin tone.

 2. Apply eyeliner with a steady hand, kajal or mascara being optional.

 3. Smooth on a hint of powder blusher on the apples of your cheek.

 4. Apply a nude lip liner and fill in with a similar shade of lipstick.

Summer Makeup Dos and Don’ts

 1. Always apply makeup on clean and moisturized skin.

 2. Brushes, applicators and hands should be clean and dry.

 3. Do not share brushes or applicators.

 4. Be gentle with your skin. Do not pull or rub vigorously.

 5. Use the right shade of makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

 6. When in doubt, use less instead of more.

 7. Blend makeup well.

 8. Always use the restroom to touch up youR face.

 9. If you have dry to normal skin, use liquid base makeup.

 10. Powder compacts are better for oily skin.

 11. With liquid base, apply small dots over your face and spread. With powders, apply using a sponge or balls of your fingers, always in the direction of your facial hair growth. Blend and smoothen evenly.

 12. Eyeliner should be applied with a steady hand, thickening towards the outer corner of the eye accentuates your eye shape.

 13. You can use a kajal pencil in the rim for your eyes to give your eyes depth.

 14. Mascara should never be clumped. Lashes should look long and thick. To separate lashes use an eyelash curler.

 15. Blusher should be used sparingly for just a hint of colour on you cheeks.

 16. Use a lip–liner or pencil to accentuate your lips. If you have full lips, line your lips inside your actual lip line and outside your actual lip line for thinner lips.

Rukshana Eisa will be conducting a grooming and etiquette workshop on 6th April 2013 at Hacienda Art Gallery in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. This 7-hour long intensive course will include all her modules including hair and makeup. To book your seat, call on 9820284690 or send an email to

 Now that we have these amazing tips to beautify ourselves without compromising on quality, what are we waiting for? Let’s make up for lost cause ladies!

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