InOnIt Guides: Best Burgers in Mumbai

We know McDonalds is your pit stop to end the cravings for a burger and maybe KFC would have been a recent addition to your favourites. But the next time your hunger pangs are directed towards burgers, visit one of these restaurants listed below to satiate your appetite. This edition of InOnIt Guides gives a list of eateries in the city that serve some delicious burgers.

Woodside Inn

The restaurant’s annual beer and burger festival is famous across the city where you will see patrons pouring in. On other days, Woodside Inn has several options of both vegetarian and non vegetarian burgers to relish. On offer is their The Woodside Inn Double Cheddar Beef burger, a classic BBQ Chicken burger and the crunchy Fish Burger with pickled ginger. For vegetarians, there’s Refried Bean and Avocado Burger that is accompanied by salsa rosso and the grilled Pesto Italian vegetable one. While French fries is the usual way to go for, we’d recommend you try teh burgers with either their house salad or potato skin and coleslaw.

The veg burgers are priced at Rs. 325 and the non veg ones are priced from Rs. 345 onwards.

The Big Nasty

A burger joint in Bandra, carnivores have more choice at The Big Nasty. Either opt for the Turkish Lamb Burger, an Arabian spiced grilled lamb patty topped with feta, or bite into the Pulled Pork Burger that is topped with kimchi. There are options for beef and chicken as well with The All American Classic Beef Burger and the Madras Roast Chicken Burger. Vegetarians have less innovative options with the Desi Aloo and the Baroda Classic (vegetable patty) to choose from.

The veg burgers are priced at Rs. 180 and the non veg ones start from Rs. 240 onwards.

Cafe Sundance

Recently opened, the 2.0 version of this cafe already has its old patrons rushing in to check the new avatar of this old cafe. We recommend the Cajun Chicken Burger that has Emmantal cheese and a delectable Cajun flavour with a juicy patty. There are also pork and beef burgers available on the menu along with vegetarian options like Mini Mushroom Burgers. And for those who aren’t feeling too hungry, try out the sliders that have small burgers accompanied with fries. There’s also a huge tenderloin burger that has a beef patty and fried egg priced at Rs. 900 for the days when you are starving.


Indigo Deli

BBQ Chicken/Pulled Pork with pickled onions, Crispy Chicken with cucumber peanut slaw or the Blackened Salmon with fresh herb salad; you can bite into any of these and not be disappointed. If you wish to stay away from meat, try Indigo Deli’s Corn crusted Potato and Jalapeno Burger with creamy feta on a multi grain roll or the Roasted Mushroom and Tofu Burger with garlic spinach. With bacon, fried egg, grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, anchovies, cheese and more available as add on toppings, you don’t want to miss these burgers.

Veg ones are priced at Rs. 385 and non veg ones range between Rs. 385 and Rs. 485.

Hard Rock Cafe

The menu here sports a section called Legendary Burgers that features Hickory BBQ Bacon Burger, The Big Cheese Burger, which is topped with three thick slices of your choice of cheese, Carmelised Onion, Mushroom and Swiss Burger, and the HRC Veggie burger that has a patty made of vegetables and spices and is topped with grilled zucchini and yellow squash. And if you are in for it, try Hard Rock Cafe’s Legendary 10 oz Burger that is topped with seasoned bacon, two slices of cheddar cheese, a crisp onion ring, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.

Cafe Zoe

We’d recommend the juicy and tender Zoe’s tenderloin cheese burger that is complimented well with crisp fries. The cafe’s Mini Lamb burgers are also rich and tasty and a great option for starters. The Zoe’s tenderloin burger is priced at Rs. 380.

Smoke House Deli

This deli serves some of the best signature burgers in Mumbai. Try their Smoke Cottage Cheese Double Burger or Lox and if you’ve adopted a vegan lifestyle, bite into their Soy Mix + Curried Vegan Burger. Meat lovers have options like Smoked Chicken and Oregano, Smoked Lamb and Tenderloin and Rosemary Burger to choose from. It’s served with coleslaw, pickles and sweet paprika fries.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita burgers come in the options of vegetarian (Rs. 375), chicken (Rs. 500), lamb (Rs. 615) and tenderloin (Rs. 615). The burgers here are huge and have generous fillings. Choose your bun that comes in the option of while, whole wheat and American rye. Top it with mushrooms, cheese, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, onion, fried egg and more and get your customised burger. We recommend the chicken burger in white wheat bread with bacon and cheese that will be served with a big bowl of fries.

Eat Around The Corner

Burgers here come with a choice of ketchup, mustard and eggless mayo. Meat eaters can try their classic Grilled Chicken burger or the BBQ Chicken Fillet that has pieces of breast chicken char grilled with herbs and spices. You also can choose from Fish fillet burger or the All Beef Burger. Vegetarians have a choice of a crumb filled all veggie burger and a grilled cottage cheese patty that is seasoned with pepper and mustard. And if you wish to double your burger, get an extra veg patty for Rs. 60 and a non veg one for Rs. 90.

Veg burgers are priced at Rs. 150 and non veg ones for Rs. 180.


With a choice of whole wheat and multi grain bread, binge into Gostana’s burgers that range from egg burgers, exotic veggies, ginger chicken, beef, fish, lamb and even high protein soy burger.

The burgers are priced from Rs. 120 to Rs. 200 depending on the choice of bread and meat.

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