InOnIt Guides: Best Desserts in Mumbai

Desserts: A perfect comforting way of ending any meal on a sweet note that sometimes drives you to food paradise. This completely different world of culinary magnificence consists of so many varied flavours, from dark chocolate to fresh fruit delights that there is something for every dessert lover. We decided to pick the best ones from famous restaurants in Mumbai that are personally tried and tested, just to double-check (and also because we are sugar addicts). Let’s hope you are able to finish reading this till the end because InOnIt’s guide this time will make you want to forget those calories and head to one of these places NOW! We were almost ready to head out halfway through writing this.

Le Pain Quotidien’s Warm Apple Crumble

We absolutely love the desserts at LPQ and it’s always a big dilemma when it comes to selecting one. We have to name our favourites here: warm pear and cinnamon tart, smooth and fruity raspberry cheesecake, soft centered chocolate cake and the delicious apple crumble. Dusted with sugar and served with vanilla ice cream, the apple crumble is perfect to bite into on a wintry evening. The combination of hot and cold is simply outstanding.

Suzette’s Dark Chocolate Mousse

This cute little French crêperie in Bandra has the best dark Belgian chocolate mousse. It comes in a cutting chai glass (should do that in France!) and has just the right balance of sweet and bitter. It’s smooth as silk, intensely textured and creamy. We also suggest the Nutel’latte at Suzette for coffee addicts who prefer a hint of hazelnut and chocolate in their caffeine dose.

Serafina’s Heavenly Tiramisu

Our colleagues swear by the Tiramisu at Serafina because it’s unbelievable how delicious this dessert is! It’s creamy and has the right proportions of rum, coffee, cream and ladyfingers. They also poured over the Torta di Cioccolato that is one of the best homemade chocolate cakes that you will find in the city. It’s a small piece of chocolate cake accompanied by a scoop of ice cream placed in a canopy. Warm inside, the moist cake melts in your mouths to cause an explosion of chocolate. Rich and dark, this one is an epicurean delight.

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Indigo Deli’s Cookie + Souffle

Indigo Deli’s Hot Dessert Soufflé that changes daily, is light and velvety and always accompanied with a freshly baked, warm cookie. In fact, we love their giant chocolate chip cookie just plain too. Also, try their fresh croissant pudding served with bourbon sauce that cuts through the pudding to create just the right texture and taste in your mouth.

Otto Infinito’s Unusual Ganache

If your taste buds need constant change and innovation in taste, then we suggest the Chocolate and Passionfruit Ganache at Otto Infinito. It’s an unconventional take on chocolate that has a strong tinge of sour passion fruit. The ganache accompanied with Belgian chocolate ice cream is a match made in heaven and we love the shimmer of gold on dark velvety chocolate.

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Manchester United Café Bar’s Tangerine Cheesecake

If you’re done with guzzling down beer at Manchester United Café Bar, maybe you can try their Orange Cheesecake while cheering for your favourite football or cricket team. You don’t even need to bite into this bouncy little piece because it just falls apart in your mouth. The silky smooth texture combined with the crumbly bottom plays an amusing game on your tongue. Love the orangey zest on this one!

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Saffron Bay’s Soft Rasmalai

This Indian restaurant with a twist will ensure you have a spicy and heavy meal. But make sure you save just a tad bit of room for dessert. You may think you’re too full and would want to skip a bowl of sweet, soft rasmalai. If you do that, you will also miss a melt-in-your-mouth moment of heaven. Saffron Bay‘s rasmalai is so soft and light that you don’t have to worry about over-eating.

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Le 15 Patisserie’s Strawberry and Chocolate Cake

While we all love Le 15’s colourful macarons that can brighten up a dull day, we want to let you know that their Strawberry and Chocolate cake is to die for! Layered with sweet, melting chocolate ganache and strawberries, this pretty looking cake will make anyone’s birthday very berry happy!

Polpo Café’s Cookie Monster

The Pizookie at Polpo Café and Bar, or as the Latin’s call it ‘the best dessert in the world’ is a huge oven-fresh cookie (enough for at least 4 to enjoy) that fills the room with bakery aroma. It’s a warm bite of soft, sweet heaven with a cold kick of vanilla ice cream topped with macadamia nuts and chocolate sauce. Need we say more?

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Sancho’s Fresh Churros

Doughnuts that are left piped-long instead of twirled into a circle, the cinnamon sugar tossed churros at Sancho’s are such a hit with everyone who loves desserts. Add dark, dense melting chocolate as a dip and you won’t need anything else to make you feel as good!

Food For Thought’s Mudpie

Kitab Khana’s Cafe Food For Thought is our go-to place when we need to catch up on our reading over a cuppa. But if you’re in the mood for something not too sweet yet chocolaty, call for their Mudpie that has a crumbly base and comes warm (not hot) with a scoop of ice cream. It’s not too heavy on the palate and can be easily shared between two people.

Two One Two Bar and Grill’s Exceptional Cheesecake

You will probably find the best cheesecakes in the city at Two One Two Bar and Grill. We start salivating every time we think about the blueberry or strawberry cheesecake this restaurant serves – it melts in your mouth instantly and you won’t stop till the last bite. Their Ecuadorian Chocolate Truffle with cream cheese glaze and caramel sauce is also worth a try. 

Talking about cheesecakes, Cafe Sundance too has awesome fruity ones!

Special Mention to:

Yauatcha‘s selection of macarons with flavours like chocolate hazelnut, apricot pistachio and blackberry, Hakkasan‘s Pandan Souffle, Strawberries and cream at Bachelor’s, Hokey Pokey’s Double Chocolate Therapy, Out of the Blue’s Banoffee Pie, Love Sugar Dough’s hazelnut cupcake and Haagen-Dazs’ Fondue that comprises cakes, fruits, cookies, chocolate sauce and ice cream flavours like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.


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