InOnIt Guides: Colaba and Cuffe Parade

We have always heard that Colaba is a brilliant place to hang out. But what happens when you are fed up of going to the same hangout spot over and over again? What happens when you have no place to meet up with an old friend and catch up or can’t decide where to go to escape the heat of the sun after a long afternoon of shopping?

Our latest venture brings you the best places to visit within select areas. We start off with Colaba and Cuffe Parade, the southern most tips of Mumbai city, with a list of places where you can eat kebabs, slurp paani puri, chug a beer or just pig out on a platter. Read on for more.

Road-side Stalls and Cheap Eateries

Manoj Corn And Pasta – Famous for his pasta and corn, he is highly recommended if you are in the mood for roadside food. Sits between 5 pm to 12 am, he makes pasta, Maggi, pizza and also cooks corn with several ingredients.

Our Recommendation: The Mongolian Cheese Pasta and Corn

Address: Sits opposite the entrance of the World Trade Centre.

Apna Fast Food Centre – One of the few places that serve rolls whose vegetarian rolls are as good as the non-vegetarian ones. Even delivers to your home if you live in the Colaba-Cuffe Parade area.

Our Recommendation: Paneer Shwarma

Address: 4/C, 29A, Kamal Mansion, Opposite Café Basilico, H.N.A. Azmi Marg, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22830065, 022 22873416

Bade Miyan – Bade Miyan is one of the best places to be if rolls and kebabs are the order of the day. Mouth-watering kebabs, oven fresh roomalis and quick service makes you want to come back again and again.

Our Recommendation:  The Paneer Bhurji, Reshmi Tikka and Tangdi Kebab.

Address: Tulloch Road, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22848038, 022 22851649

Aga Brothers –If anyone’s in the mood for some chaat or maybe a Tibbs Frankie, this is the ideal place to be. Very light on the pocket and enough place for a small group to hang out.

Our Recommendation: Bhel Puri

Address: 16/A, Cusrow Baug, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22830692

Kamats – If authentic south Indian food is what you yearn for, Kamats is the place to be. Easy on the wallet, it’s a great place to chill at for hours without anyone complaining.

Our Recommendation: The Dosas and the Bhel Puri.

Address: Maker Arcade, Near King Plaza Stores, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

Telephone Number:  022 22182271

Mr. Chows – The perfect place if someone’s in the mood for some “Indianised” Chinese. They only give take away and deliver in the Colaba-Cuffe Parade area. Very cheap prices as compared to the generous proportions.

Our Recommendation:  Chilly garlic potatoes and Kung Pao potatoes

Address: Daulat & Shirin Building, Next to Usha Sadan, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22160074, 022 22160075, 022 22160076

Healthy Bite –  In the mood for authentic rolls, Healthy Bite is a cheap but very good option. The food that one eats in Gokul is from Healthy Bite and it is famous for its rolls.

Our Recommendation: Charcoal Paneer and Cheese Roll, Malai Chicken Roll.

Address: Behind Taj Mahal Hotel, Near Bade Miyan Restaurant, Tulloch Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: + 91 9920329501

Modern Juice Center – You’re ravenously hungry and you’re pockets are empty, where would you go? Have no fear, Modern Juice Center is here! Modern serves cheap but filling burgers, shawarmas and juices, all tasting delicious. A decent filling meal would not cost you more than 150.

Our Recommendation: Chicken/Veg burger and shawarma.

Address: NR Radio Club, Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22812457


Casual Dining:

Santoor – Being one of the few restaurants at Cuffe Parade, Santoor is a big hit among the residents here. Excellent Mughlai food accompanied by good service makes it a memorable experience.

Our Recommendation: Paneer Roll and Paneer Makhani

Address: Maker Arcade, Near Café Coffee Day, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22182262, 022 22185449

Café Churchill – A quiet dainty place café in the heart of Colaba, Café Churchill never disappoints you with their wide range of food. Moderately priced, efficient service, and delectable menu, this quaint little café is a favorite among Colaba locals and otherwise.

Our Recommendation: the sandwiches and pastas.

Address: 103/B , East West Court Building, Opp Electric House, Colaba Causeway, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Café Mondegar – There might not be any place better to catch up with friends over beer. The jukebox here adds to the charm of the place. Even the food in general is excellent here.

Our Recommendation: Cheap beer and Amazing Burgers

Address: Metro House, 5-A Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22020591, 022 22830586

Piccadilly- Looking for a quick and satisfying meal, Piccadilly is the place to be. Decent service and good food, along with cheap prices make it a reasonable experience.

Our Recommendation: Non-Veg Club Sandwich, Paneer Roll.

Address: Donald House, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22823217

Wich Latte -  Colaba is known for the awesome junk shopping you can do here, and in the middle of this when hunger strikes and you just want a couple of bites, Wich Latte is the place to go. Bang in the middle of the Colaba causeway main road, Wich Latte is where you stop, take a breather, and get back to business.

Our Recommendation: Curly fries and of course, the sandwiches and bagels.

Address: Shop No 4, Ground Floor, Western Breeze Bldg, Opp Cusrow Baug, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 65254827

Marina – Situated a little ahead of Radio Club, it’s an ideal place to grab a couple of drinks after dinner. Slightly on the expensive side, it is a great place to catch up with friends over a few drinks.

Address: 26, PJ Ramchandani Marg, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22841828, 022 22841880

McDonalds – There’s no place in the world where you can get better burgers for prices this cheap. Everyone knows about McDonalds burgers, and the branch in Colaba is very big and you almost always find enough place.

Address: 1st floor, Metro House, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 32550984

Moshes – A small and cozy restaurant, it is known for its fondues and desserts. Provides valet parking and the service is also very good. Even provide loafs of different kinds of breads.

Our Recommendation: Cheese Fondue and Philadelphia Cheese Cake.

Address: 7 Minoo Manar, Captain Prakash Pethe Marg, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22161226, 02222161266

Pubs and Bars:

Gokul – A shady and seedy bar in the by lanes of Colaba, a cheap joint for all your broke days when you need a drink but can’t afford a good bar. Gokul is a popular hangout for college students and others alike because it’s just so light on the pocket! Noisy and crowded with average service, this is where you go to eat and drink cheap.

Our Recommendation: The cheap booze and the chicken lollipops.

Address: Nawaz Building Ground Floor Appolo Bunder, Behind Taj, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 65229616

Leopold Café – Staying true to its tagline, Leopold is getting better with age. Still a favourite among tourists, Leo has that easy vibe and relaxed atmosphere that keeps you lingering. Not exactly a budget friendly hangout, the beer and the food does fall on the steeper side but a place worth visiting once in a while, just for the charm of Leopold’s.

Our Recommendation: Beer tower and the Seafood platter.

Address: Electric House, Colaba Causeway, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22828185

Sports Bar Express – Situated right next to regal cinema, SBX is a place to chill when you have a match on that you want to enjoy with your friends. The screens are good, the music is good and the prices are slightly expensive. Large group friendly, it is an enjoyable place for sports enthusiasts who would prefer loud music and a lively ambience.

Our Recommendation: Paneer Chilli and the Momos.

Address: Ground Floor, Regal Cinema Building, Colaba Causeway, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 66396682

Woodside Inn – A cozy café at Colaba, Woodside Inn is a favorite in terms of ambience.  The décor is cozy and makes you feel instantly at ease. The food is amazingly good and service is great. A great place to go after college, just for lunch or even for a few drinks (they have a great beer list). It does charge an equally good price for its services but hey, I think it’s worth it.

Our Recommendation: The Beef Burger and Pizzas.

Address: Indian Merchantile Mansion, Oriental Insurance Building, Opposite Regal Cinema, Wodehouse Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22875752

HQ’s – An English style pub right above café royal, HQ’s is a small pub, with fun interiors and an old school charm. A rock and blues oriented playlist, this is an awesome place for people who just want to kick back, enjoy a drink and make good conversation with the buddies. It’s rather expensive, so you must go when you feel your pockets full.

Our Recommendation:  Achari Platter and the Malai Kebab.

Address: 166, Indian Mercantile Mansion, Opposite Regal Cinema, Above Cafe Royal, M G Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22883985

Cafes and Bakeries:

Leo’s Boulangerie – Leo’s is a tiny bakery in Colaba. It doesn’t have a seating, so you must stand and eat or takeaway the food. It has a very wide menu and is reasonably priced. The desserts look delectable and the breads are appetizing. Owned by one of the co-owners of Leopold’s, this place is worth a shot.

Our Recommendation: Cheesecakes and Pastries.

Address: Henry Road, Colaba Causeway, Off SBS Road, Opp. Scholar’s School, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 61559781

CeleJor – For all those with a sweet tooth, this is an ideal place. Excellent desserts will certainly satiate your cravings.

Our Recommendation: The Oreo Mousse and the Apple Pie.

Address:  Oxford Centre, Shop No. 1, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22872733, 022 22872734.

Café Coffee Day – Café Coffee Day is India’s favourite coffee shop, for the young and the young at heart. There’s no place better to chill at because you can call for one cup of coffee and sit there for hours together. Two outlets, both at Cuffe Parade and Colaba, have excellent coffees and service. Although, the one in Cuffe Parade is bigger.

Address: Golden Yokes, 81-A, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg, Sassoon Dock, Colaba, Mumbai.

Maker Arcade, Near Maker Towers, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai.

Theobroma’s – You’re walking down Colaba and you see this small but inviting little shop by the road that smells so chocolaty! You decide to go in and give it a try, and that’s great because Theobroma’s is one place you will not regret going to. The bakery specializes in their dessert section but also has a wide range of other types of food which tastes equally as good. Theo’s is a good place to go for a shake and cake while sitting around chatting with your buddy.

Our Recommendation: the Brownies and the Cheesecakes, along with the bread items.

Address: Shop No 24, Cusrow Baug, Colaba Causeway, Opposite Central Bank Of India, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22873778

Pastry Affairs – Situated in Fariyas Hotel, Pastry Affairs is known for its desserts. You also get different breads here.

Our Recommendation: Blackforest Pastry and Gooey Chocolate Cake.

Address: Fariyas Hotel Mumbai, 25, Off Arthur Bunder Road, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 22042911

Mad Over Donuts - If donuts are what you’re looking for, Mad Over Donuts is definitely the place to be. Ranging from authentic donuts to their own creations you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for and reasonably priced as well.

Our Recommendation: Dark Night and Double Trouble

Address: Colaba Causeway, near Theobroma, Colaba, Mumbai.

Telephone Number: 022 32090000

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