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For a night that you might not remember the next morning, we list down drinking games you should play at parties. Now, play these at your own risk because the level of getting buzzed is deadly. Besides, the whole point is to get drunk for a stellar night. So we pick out our favourite drinking games to get you smashed at your next party. Our drink-o-meter tells you the level of drunkenness each game involves.


This one’s a relay race that involves a lot of quick chugging. You need to make teams of 4 to 5 people who will stand in a line facing each other across the table. Each person gets half a glass of beer kept in front of him/her on the table. The race starts with the first person from each time chugging their beer, placing the cup on the table and flipping it from the edge so it falls upside-down on the table. Only until he/she manages to flip it to the right position, can the next person start chugging and repeating the process. First team to finish the relay race wins.

Drink-o-meter: Very high (because whether you win or lose, you have to drink the booze)


A popular amongst all drinkers, Kings is innovative and the original version can be made more fun with variations. Spread a deck of cards face-down around a large bowl. Let’s name it the Kings Bowl. Everyone gets a turn to pick a card and each card number denotes what you have to do.

Rules to playing Kings:

What each card denotes:

Ace is Waterfall. Everyone begins to down their drinks and no one can stop until the person to their right stops. The person who picked the Ace has to stop first, in order for the rest to stop.

Between 2 to 4 the person has to take that many sips.

Between 5 to 7 the person has to allot that many sips to any player of his/her choice.

The person who gets number 8 puts his thumb on the table and the rest follow. The last to do so takes three sips.

Number 9 is rhyme. The person who draws the card says a word and the next one rhymes it. This goes on until someone repeats/can’t think of a word and takes three sips.

Number 10 is the category card. Choose a category say chocolates bars and start naming them one after the other. The person who cannot continue takes three sips.

Jack – Guys, drink up!

Queen – Ladies, time to down those margaritas!

Finally King – So of course the person who gets this card is lucky to get it. He doesn’t have to drink, but pour his entire drink in the Kings Bowl. And he has to make a rule that everyone has to follow throughout the game until the next King card is picked up. The rules really get a fun twist to the game like “no one is allowed to touch their phones” or “everyone can only speak in Hindi” and so on.

The person who picks out the fourth King has to drink up all the contents of the Kings Bowl. Yikes!

Drink-o-meter: High (depending on the number of players)


Of course you know what beer pong is. If you don’t, how did you even stumble upon this page? Either way, it will turn you into a beer drinker if you’re not one. A ping pong ball, 12 glasses and two teams. 6 glasses of beer are set in a triangular shape on either ends of a beer pong table. The two teams stand on each end and in turns try to aim the ping pong ball in one of the glasses on the opposite side. If you succeed to put the ball in, the other team player drinks up the contents of that glass. The team that gets the most aims wins, while the loser team has to drink all the beer left on the winning team. 

Drink-o-meter: Average (if you play only one game, but we highly doubt that)


Sit in a circle, and swear that you will only speak the truth. Then start. “Never have I ever played this game before”. Whoever has played it, drinks up. Each person gets a turn to say something they have never done before and the concurred drinks. Eventually, drunken words make this game quite controversial and fun!

Drink-o-meter: High (depending on how naughty and daredevilish you are!)


It’s simple, inspired by the movie Edward Scissorhands and also famous for its role in many sitcoms (How I met your mother), this game needs you to tape a 40 ounce beer bottle on both hands. You cannot remove it until you finish your drinks, even if that bladder might blast.

Drink-o-meter: High (depending on how many rounds you can go on for)


Perfect for a Bachelorette party, ABCD..Z is all about getting dirty with words. The game starts with everyone sitting in a circle, and the first person has to start by saying a dirty word starting with A. The game goes clockwise, until one reaches Z. If in between a player cannot think of a name immediately, he/she has to take huge gulp and think again.

Drink-o-meter: Average (can go up to high if you’re not a naughty girl!)


Pick a word and don’t ever say it throughout the night. Every time someone says it, everyone has to take a huge sip of his or her drinks. It sounds simple and not so thrilling, but trust us, with the right choice of forbidden words, the game can really get you high! Imagine never using the words No, or Yes, or drink!

Drink-o-meter: High (depending on the unspoken word)


All those addicted to their favourite sitcoms (think The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, or even Friends) can combine their love for alcohol with a sitcom marathon. Make sure the glasses are filled, and make a list of rules before starting the show. For example: while watching The Big Bang Theory, chug your drinks when:

Every time Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door.

Amy hits on Penny or Sheldon or makes an inappropriate innuendo

When Leonard says “Why me?”

When Raj stops talking in front of a woman

When Bernadette sounds creepily like Howard’s mom etc.

Drink-o-meter: High (depending on the number of seasons you watch)


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