InOnIt Guides: Eateries in Bandra, (W) Part 1

How often have you found yourself in Bandra, wanting to eat somewhere and spoilt for choice? The Queen of the Suburbs is filled with restaurants, fast food joints, food stalls and n-number of eateries, a list which baffles and confuses. So this InOnIt Guide is a dedicated effort to sort out the places you can grab a bite in Bandra West.

One of the most interesting criteria’s of Bandra is that it has a little bit of everything, more or less. So go ahead and find this guide sorted out according to cuisine and types of food, just so you can have a quick look through based on what you are in the mood for.

Read on for Part 1, Part 2 will be published next week.


For a quick bite of bhel purisev puri or the like, the two most famous celebrity-favourited stalls can be found at Pali Hill and the corner of St. Andrews Road and Perry Road (opposite the Demonte Park Recreation Centre). Both travelling stalls claim to use filtered water in their preparations thanks to the advice of their health-conscious regulars.

Elco: Situated in the middle of the shopping mayhem that is Hill Road, Elco may be a tad bit expensive but has the freshest ingredients and best hygiene standards. Address: Elco Market, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26457677.

Karachi Sweets: The stall attached to the famous Karachi Sweets outlet at Hill Road is a great place to get some delicious pani puri. It may be priced higher than roadside stalls but definitely offers more in hygiene. Address: Opposite Bandra Medical Store, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26434905.

Punjab Sweet House: Exorbitantly priced, the chaat at Punjab Sweet House is delicious and worth it if you feel like splurging to enjoy a well prepared dish of chaat. Address: Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26402221.

Samosa-Vada Pav

Although lacking in Jumbo King shops, Bandra does have a famous Kunj Vihar outlet on Station Road. There are plenty of other places to get a samosa or vada pav, but Kunj Vihar is among the more famous outlets. Kunj Vihar contact number: 022 26459096.


Marinate: Marinate is quite difficult to locate, like a hidden treasure, which is covered over by roadside clothing stalls. They offer free home delivery. Address: The corner ofAlmeida Park Road and Hill Road.


Good Luck restaurant: The restaurant itself is nothing special, but the shawarma served at Good Luck makes for a good evening snack. You could sit in the restaurant, parcel it or eat it on your way. Address: Opposite Mehboob Studio, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26422250.

Carter’s Blue: One of the more famous shawarma spots in Bandra, Carter’s Blue is a great place to pick up a shawarma which you can eat while hanging out at Carter Road. Address: Opposite Cafe Coffee Day, Carter Road. Contact number: 9167751212.

Sultan’s: Another good place near Carter Road to pick up shawarma is Sultan’s. Amid the crowded street of eateries, this small stall dishes out decent shawarma’s at an affordable price. Address: Next to Amore, off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 49175262.

Subs/ Wraps

Subway: An international chain which is quite popular for serving healthy subs which are made fresh before your eyes, Subway is a quick stop eatery for a small meal at anytime of the day. Address: Near National College, Waterfield Road. Contact number: 022 26433897.

Torrp It Up: Serving torpedo sandwiches, Torrp It Up has picked up a following and garnered quite a few regulars who enjoy their unique flavours and healthy alternatives for anyone looking for a quick meal. Address: Off Linking Road, 33rd Road. Contact number: 022 26483368.

Faaso’s: Faaso’s is an inexpensive option where you can pick up a delicious wrap which can be eaten between meals, or serve as a small lunch or dinner. They also provide home deliveries. Address: Near Golds Gym, Pali Road. Contact number: 022 65620002.

Bong Bong: A small inexpensive take away restaurant which offers unique Bengali flavours in the form of wraps. Address: Next to Toto’s Pub, Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 67305899.


KFC: Sitting on the ever crowded Linking Road, KFC is a world renowned fast food restaurant which dishes out burgers which have an altered Indian flavouring. Address: Corner of Linking Road and 33rd Road. Contact number: 022 66711241.

Burgs: A new burger joint which serves multiple choices in terms of types of meat as well as vegetarian options. Address: Near Subway, Waterfield Road. Contact number: 022 26557722.

McDonalds: McDonalds is the famous international burger franchise that has been around for years, serving the hungry shoppers at Linking Road and providing a place for college students to hangout. Address: Opposite KFC, Linking Road. Contact number: 022 66000666.

Venky’s: Newly opened, Venky’s is an Indian chain of fast food restaurants which utilise flavours and ingredients which are dear to the Indian palate. Address: Off Waterfield Road. Contact number: 9768371318.


Yoko Sizzlers: One of the most famous sizzler chains to hit India and Mumbai, Yoko Sizzlers offers delicious and great quality food. Address: Near Bandra Police station, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26401746.

Kobe Sizzlers: An Indian franchise which has gone international, Kobe Sizzlers is a great place to get a good meal of piping hot food. Address: Opposite St. Andrews Church, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26555656.


5 Spice: A restaurant with comfortable and ample seating which is always filled up on weekends, 5 Spice has great food, amazing quantities and very affordable prices. Address: Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26421952.

Mainland China: Located in a big building on the busy Linking Road, Mainland China has a reputation which precedes it thanks to great food quality. Address: Above Shoppers Stop, Linking Road. Contact number: 022 61616989.

Thaiban: An exquisite restaurant to enjoy authentic flavours of Thai cuisine, Thaiban maybe a bit beyond the reach of some pockets, but is worth enjoying at least once. Address: Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26459775.

China Town by Noodle Bar: Serving delicious Pan Asian cuisine, Chinatown by Noodle Bar has innovative dishes which allow you to mix and match for your own perfect dish. Address: Off Linking Road, 33rd Road. Contact number: 022 26044777.

Hakkasan: An extravagant affair, Hakkasan is the branch of the London award-winning restaurant of the same name. They, no doubt, have great food but may be out of some budgets. Address: Krystal Building, Waterfield Road. Contact number: 022 26444444.

Two great places to get home deliveries are Joseph’s Kitchen and Jim Mes Kitchen. They both have good quality of food mixed with large proportions and very affordable prices.

Joseph’s Kitchen contact number: 022 26442262.

Jim Mes Kitchen contact number: 022 26426312.


Soul Fry: A nice restaurant with a great decor, Soul Fry is located in one of the noisiest streets of Bandra, yet the restaurant in itself is delightful with tasty Goan food. Address: Pali Market. Contact number: 022 26046892.

Jai Hind: A small, open air restaurant, Jai Hind is no competition to the big guns of the hospitality world. However, they do serve great tasting food at very affordable prices. Address: Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26483381.

Cafe Goa: A warm homely atmosphere with friendly staff, management and patrons usually, Cafe Goa is a nice place to enjoy a Goan meal if it’s what you want. Address: Off Linking Road, 24th Road. Contact number: 022 26483136.


Jai Jawan: A roadside stall on the busy Linking Road which has amazing tandoori preparations of different kinds of meats, Jai Jawan is a great pace to drive up and enjoy a meal while sitting in your car, or parcel and take it home. Address: Near National College, Linking Road. Contact number: 022 65592112.

Pal’s: Pal’s has acquired a reputation for serving some of the best prepared seafood and tandoori dishes in Bandra. Address: Near Mini Punjab, Off 33rd Road. Contact number: 022 26002995.

Mini Punjab: A great place to get some great Punjabi food, they serve tandoori items as well as gravies, naans, and more. Address: Off 33rd Road. Contact number: 022 26005206.

The Great Punjab: A little more expensive than other Punjabi restaurants, The Great Punjab is worth the splurge thanks to a great hygiene level and delicious preparations. Address: Near Shoppers Stop, Linking Road. Contact number: 022 61612329.


Lucky: A famous restaurant which serves brilliant Mughlai food, alongside Punjabi and biryani, Lucky restaurant is always crowded, both outside and inside, owing to the great food and the busy area it is set in. Address: Corner of Hill Road and SV Road. Contact number: 022 61630526.

Persian Darbar: A lavish experience for those who enjoy good Mughlai food and don’t mind spending a bit for it, Persian Darbar is a famous restaurant and lives up to its reputation. Address: Near Shoppers Stop, Linking Road. Contact number: 022 66941326.

Maroosh: A small outdoor eatery which is located amid the many restaurants off Carter Road, Maroosh has a name for dishing out great Mughlai food among other cuisines. Address: Near Gelatos, Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 26000025.

Kareem’s: Another outdoor eatery with a similar reputation of serving great Mughlai food and other cuisines. Address: Near Baskin Robbins, Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 67305841.

*This list does not contain details on every single eatery in Bandra. If you have a favourite eatery which hasn’t been mentioned, feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments below.

Stay tuned for the continuation in Part 2.

- Sean Sequeira

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