InOnIt Guides: Eateries in Bandra (W), Part 2

The first part of our guide to eating in Bandra was met with quite a good response, so, of course, we were quite excited to get out the second part for you to read.

This guide has a little more of international cuisine eateries and hangout spots, also a small list of clubs and pubs. So go on and find your favourite restaurant, or a new place to hangout by just spending 5 minutes reading through. Be sure to leave us a comment at the bottom.


Mama Mia’s: Mama Mia’s is a go to place for anyone who wants to enjoy decent quality pizzas and pastas at an affordable rate. They also provide home deliveries. Address: Opposite Globus, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 32930112.

Pronto: Pronto may only seat a limited number of people in its small space, but it serves great quality pizzas and pastas. Address: Hill Road.

Dominos: Dominoes pizzas are well known for a great quality of food coming from a great chain of restaurants. They have multiple outlets in Bandra but also offer free home delivery which is a brilliant option. Address: St. John Baptist Road and 14th Road. Contact number: 022 68886888.

Cafe Mangii: A nice restaurant with a great decor and very friendly staff, Cafe Mangii serves authentic Italian food and even wood-oven pizzas. Address: 14th Road. Contact number: 022 26498100.

Smokin Joes: Another favourite for home delivery pizzas, Smokin Joes is well known among its frequenters and is a viable option for when hanging out around Carter Road. Address: Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 26451727.


Suzette: Suzette is a traditional French bistro which aims to bring the authentic flavours and style of French cuisine to their patrons who enjoy it. Address: Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26411431.

Chez Moi: A tiny bistro down a quiet by-lane of Bandra, Chez Moi serves delicious food which can be appreciated by all. Address: Bandra Reclamation. Contact number: 022 26401804.

Multi-cuisine and Others

Barbeque Nation: A barbeque specialty restaurant which allows you to have a set meal with unlimited quantities of food, this is a gold mine for the barbeque lover. Address: Dr Ambedkar Road. Contact number: 022 60600000.

Bungalow 9: An old Bandra bungalow which has been converted into a restaurant, bar, lounge, and more, Bungalow 9 offers multiple cuisines and delicious options. Address: Near Lilavati Hospital, St. John Baptist Road. Contact number: 022 61179999.

Salt Water Cafe: Set amid a quiet area, with comfortable seating, multiple cuisines and great food, Salt Water Cafe is a nice place to enjoy a meal. Address: Near Lilavati Hospital, Chapel Road. Contact number: 022 26434441.

Gondola: Gondola is a small restaurant in a busy market. They serve multiple cuisines, from Chinese to sizzlers, and more. Address: Pali Market. Contact number: 022 26040294.

Bombay Blue: A restaurant for great finger food including chips and nachos, Bombay Blue is known for good quality of food and decent prices. Address: Off Linking Road, 33rd Road. Contact number: 022 26000444.

Indigo Deli: After generating a good name for itself in other parts of the city, Indigo Deli opened up in Bandra to provide good food in a great restaurant setting. Address: 29th Road, Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26438100.

Tavaa: A great place to enjoy Punjabi cuisine, but also Chinese and others, Tavaa has a great menu and has been serving good food for many years. Address: Corner of 24th and Turner Road. Contact number: 022 26510222.

The Golconda Bowl: A newly opened Hyderbadi restaurant, The Golconda Bowl has made its way to Bandra after achieving a great name for itself in its Delhi outlet. Address: Opposite Globus, Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26431234.


Bonobo: A lounge with great food, drink and music, Bonobo is a nice place to chill out after hours. Address: Off Linking Road. Contact number: 022 61630602.

Hawaiian Shack: A full-fledged club and disco, Hawaiian Shack has been a party palace for young professionals for many years now. Address: 16th Road. Contact number: 022 26058753.

Red Ants: Red Ants fits into the definitions of lounge, club, disco and much more. It is a place where you can enjoy a few drinks with friends and enjoy good music. Address: Off Linking Road. Contact number: 022 26469005.

Toto’s Garage: A staple for pub-goers for many years, Toto’s Garage is known for great rock music blaring on its speakers and great prices on drinks. Address: 30th Road, Pali Naka. Contact number: 022 26005494.

Escobar: A lounge with great open air views of the setting sun, and the suburb of Bandra, Escobar is gaining hype as a chill out spot for young professionals. Address: Opposite Shoppers Stop, Linking Road. Contact number: 022 42760000.

Firangi Pani: A well known pub across the city, Firangi Pani has the vibe of a club and the setting of a lounge. Address: Off Linking Road. Contact number: 022 67105105.

I Bar: A popular lounge down a quiet alleyway, I Bar has great offerings for all those who enjoy good food with a few drinks. Address: Bandra Reclamation. Contact number: 022 26400277.

The Big Nasty: A lounge-cum-bar which transforms into a club-like atmosphere with the change of music and more, The Big Nasty has become a favourite among the list of hip spots in Bandra. Address: Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 61619571.


Candies: With multiple outlets across Bandra which are frequented by one and all, Candies is definitely one of the most beloved hangout spots in Bandra. The largest space is at their Pali Naka outlet. Address: Bandra Reclamation, Opposite Petit School at Pali Hill and St. Andrews Road at Pali Hill. Contact number: 022 26432425.

Cafe Coffee Day: Cafe Coffee Day is a well known coffee shop which has multiple outlets in Bandra, the biggest and most comfortable being at Carter Road. Address: Bandstand and Carter Road. Contact number: 9323948170.

Barista: Barista may not be the most popular, but is another coffee shop which fits the bill for a decent hangout spot. Address: Bandstand and Chapel Road. Contact number: 022 65189954.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf: A great place to get a coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is all about great coffee, conversations and encouraging friendships. Address: Linking Road. Contact number: 022 67424248.

Costa Coffee: Costa Coffee has sprung up with multiple outlets across Bandra. Their pricing may be high for the average quality of coffee, but they do have a steady number of patrons who enjoy frequenting this coffee shop. Address: Pali Naka and above Cafe Coffee Day at Carter Road. Contact number: 022 67256187.


Yogurtbay: One of the many frozen yogurt stores in Bandra, Yogurtbay has its own interesting flavours and blends for a unique experience. Address: Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 67650385.

Baskin Robbins: With multiple stores in not just Bandra but across Mumbai, the 31 flavours of Baskin Robbins are famous and need no introduction. Address: Chapel Road, Linking Road and Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 32210055.

Gelato Italiano: The smooth taste of the healthy gelato has become a favourite taste in Bandra with multiple stores of Gelato Italiano. Address: 33rd Road, Linking Road and Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 26000888.

Amore: Amore Gelato is famous for making great tasting gelatos and claiming to make it with love. Address: Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 65208300.

Mad Over Donuts: Affectionately known as MOD, Mad Over Donuts is Bandra’s favourite donut shop for anytime of the day. Address: Chapel Road, Waterfield Road and Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 32252100.

Theobroma: One of the better and more exquisite of dessert cafes in Bandra, Theobroma, or Theo’s, is always a hit to satiate your sweet tooth. Address: Off Linking Road. Contact number: 022 26469010.

Brownie Point: A reasonably priced cake shop which also sells delicious pastries, Brownie Point has the perfect mix of affordable and quality. Address: Dr. Ambedkar Road. Contact number: 022 26002373.

Birdys: A cake shop, bakery, patisserie, confectionary and cafe, Birdys sits quietly and entertains guests who have a longing for something sweet. Address: Turner Road. Contact number: 022 26422056.

Ribbons & Balloons: A well known cake and pastry shop across Mumbai, Ribbons & Balloons has delicious cakes and snacks. Address: Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26511654.

Sweet Bengal: A niche among the other dessert shops of Bandra, Sweet Bengal sells exactly what its name suggests, Bengali desserts. Address: Dr. Ambedkar Road. Contact number: 022 32545465.

Natural: One of Mumbai’s favourite ice cream parlours, Natural is best known for its fruit based ice creams and seasonal flavours. Address: Off Hill Road. Contact number: 022 26454557.

Hokey Pokey: Hokey Pokey is another dessert parlour with a difference. They serve ice cream with toppings of your choice which are crushed, smashed and pounded before being mixed into your ice cream scoop. Address: 16th Road. Contact number: 9619484811.

Fro Yo: One of the many frozen yogurt stores that have sprung up across the city in recent times, Fro Yo serves fresh frozen yogurt which has garnered a fair fan base. Address: Waterfield Road. Contact number: 022 26443020.

Cafe Chokolade: Famous for their delicious chocolate, the Cafe Chokolade stall is hidden behind the big restaurants at Carter Road but stands out for quality. Address: Off Carter Road. Contact number: 022 26300021.

*This list does not contain details on every single eatery in Bandra. If you have a favourite eatery which hasn’t been mentioned, feel free to leave a recommendation in the comments below.

- Sean Sequeira

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