InOnIt Guides: Italian Restaurants in Mumbai

A squiggly spaghetti or a cheesy pizza, a glass of wine and a dash of olive oil, these things will definitely make you go, ‘Mama Mia!’ InOnIt’s guide this time lists down some famous Italian restaurants in Mumbai that will take you to Italy every time the waiter serves up delectable creamy pastas for your cheesy cravings.

Don Giovanni

The happy Italian Mr. Don Juan started Don Giovanni, with the aim of giving Mumbaikars a true Italian dining experience with food as well as the restaurant’s décor. And he did a great job at that. Don Giovanni’s ambience is relaxed, romantic and very Italian. This place is known for its thin crust Cotadina and freshly made pastas. Giovanni’s forte, ravioli and the chocolate mousse would leave you asking for more.

Mezzo Mezzo

You know how sometimes you just want to indulge in food? Well, if you’re feeling Italian and want to float in rich creamy pasta, head to Mezzo Mezzo in JW Marriot. This divine restaurant with it’s authentic Italian cuisine will keep you very satisfied. And of course they have a selection of the finest wines. We recommend their shell pasta with chanterelle mushrooms in truffle cream sauce. Ooh la la!


There was much hype when this famous New York based restaurant opened up in Mumbai. While the dishes here are unique, one can’t be sure if they are totally worth the price. Economical or not, a fine dine Italian experience is sure to be fun at Serafina. Don’t forget to order their Tiramisu for dessert, it will be the best you might’ve ever had. To read our review, click here.

Pizza By The Bay

Even though we miss Not Just Jazz By The Bay, we love the pizzas at Pizza By The Bay. They also have a great breakfast menu and promise to have karaoke nights soon! Non-vegetarians can try their Pollo Arabiata pizza while the Via Veggie is a good option for the vegetarians. To read our review, click here 

Mia Cucina

Most people would think of Mia Cucina when they feel like having a wine and dine experience. This casual dining restaurant will give you the quality and feel of a fine dine and literally translates to My Kitchen. With a good range of wines to pair with your Italian food, Mia Cucina will make you feel at home, relaxed and content.

Cafe Mangii

Café Mangii offers an epicurean slice of Italy with scrumptious delicacies, exotic wines and music in a warm and intimate ambience, blending exquisite tastes and aromas with contemporary style. The pride of Café Mangii is the Napolitana wood-fired oven pizza, amongst many other dishes. We totally recommend this place for a romantic dinner for two. 

Little Italy

This all-vegetarian Italian restaurant is again the brainchild of Don Juan and it’s menu is super delightful. With ingredients imported straight from Italy, expect authentic pastas and pizza cooked by the best Chefs specializing in Italian cuisine. Little Italy is a definite visit for the veggie lovers!

Spaghetti Kitchen

Spaghetti Kitchen is a speciality restaurant conceived to serve up a rustic and flavoursome Italian menu that is acquiring universal favour among Indian diners. Innovative dishes add zest to the menu, like the Mushroom Cappuccino Soup, Black pepper chicken and Vodka Penne. Different kinds of salads, a range of pastas, pizzas and a huge vegetarian selection present a mouth-watering choice. The Bar offers a wide selection of world wines to complement the cuisine. And, delicious desserts like Cassata, Tiramisu and Chocolate Bomb make for the perfect sweet ending.


Tucked away in a quiet nook of Juhu is Penne, a stylish Italian restaurant. Its spirit reflects the energy of the hustle and bustle of the cafes in the by-lanes of Sicily or Tuscany, with fresh-from-the-water seafood, the fire in the ovens, the smoky aromas of the marinade spilling onto the charcoal grill, combined with culinary artistry found in and around Italy. Anti Pastis such as Classic Penne Caesar salad, Smoked Salmon platter and Asparagus Parma Ham will start your meal on a delicious note. Follow it up with a choice selection of gourmet pastas such as Spaghetti Aglio Olio, Penne Salmon and Broccoli, Linguine Clams and more. 

Pizza Metro Pizza

Now if you’re love for pizza is so much that they give you a slice as long as the road that leads to it, head to the newly opened UK-based Pizza Metro Pizza. They have a meter long pizza made in their woodfire oven and we say with experience, it’s huge. The pizza can have 4 types of toppings and they also have a range of pastas, salads and soups. This restaurant can get a little heavy on the pocket with Rs. 850 for a 12 inch pizza. To read our review and see the meter long pizza being made, click here.

And of course, a special mention to multi-cuisine restaurants that also specialise in Italian cuisine – Two One Two Bar and Grill, Indigo Deli, Pali Village Cafe, Otto Infinito, Out of the Blue and the likes. 

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