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After winding down a long day at work, who doesn’t like a stress-buster of an evening with their friends, complete with exotic drinks, relaxing ambiance and a platter full of food that incites sinful sounds from the bottom of your belly? These places, some of which are newly opened got our gastronomic juices tingling for the sheer spread of Pan-Asian, more specifically Japanese cuisine that they have mentioned and which we have sampled. So here we come with a list of go-to places to satiate your taste-buds when they make demands for some Japanese fodder.


A restaurant that is as much about the experience as it is about its culinary spread. Vongwong offers a breathtaking view of the bay that stays unparalleled. Enjoy thoroughly researched fare as you enjoy their Wasabi Prawns that will have you asking for more. Also, their newly introduced and for-the-first-time-heard-about, cooked sushi platter comes for a paltry Rs. 550. With the idea to get more people in touch with their Japanese side, cooked sushi sounds like a good experiment to us.

Address – Vong Wong, Express Towers, First Floor, Ramnath Goenka Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400005

Contact Numbers – 022 22875633, 022 22875634


A brand new offering to the city’s deity of food, Singkong has already started making waves for their attention to detail. Their decor does not have red dragons spitting fire on us for which we are thankful. What their decor has instead, is Japanese pop art on the tables. A dedicated sushi bar of which we just cannot have enough is more than welcome. Their drinks are also based on Pan-Asian ingredients; we are talking about Vodka mixed with fresh basil leaves and coconut syrup. Latest heard, their vegetarian food is as scrumptious as their non-vegetarian fare and their Thai Ice Coffee is already making waves. To know more about this cool, new place, click here.

Address - Pinnacle House, Level 1, P. D. Hinduja Marg, off Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai


Pronounced as Aawee, Aoi is known for its Japanese fare that comes in pocket-happy prices! Much has already been written about their soup (shiro) and sushi, that we cannot add anything more to! Do visit for the pastel decor that takes on a life of its own as it engages you in therapeutic conversations, what with the origami birds hanging overhead!

Address – 1, Gloria, St John Baptist Road, Near Mount Mary Steps, Bandra (W)

Contact Numbers - 022 26404004, 022 69995000, 022 69995001


The most discernible thing about Kofuku is the homely ambiance that de-stresses and detoxifies you as soon as you step foot inside. This understated decor and a kimono-wearing hostess make you feel at ease and ready for a new experience at the same time. While their Miso Soup and White Fish Carpaccio come highly recommended, their sushi-sashimi platter has quite a few followers.

Address - Kenilworth Shopping Arcade Mall, level 2, Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400050

Contact Number – 9022919078


Letting their decor speak for them, Shiro is one cleverly executed concept. Tall statues, flowing water induced interiors, zen-inspired room musings and high ceilings infuse an aura of elegance and composure in the restaurant. They have both – bar seating as well as canopy styled tables. Even though the decor is made to look like the inside of a temple that inspires its excellent sushi platter, the restaurant turns into a riot at night resembling intense festive revelries with raving music lovers having the time of their life.

Address - Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai – 400025

Contact Numbers - 022 66511201, 022 66511202, 022 66511207, 022 66511208

Asia 7

So named for the 7 different types of cuisines that they serve here viz Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Burman, Indonesian and Vietnamese, this restaurant because of its dedicated menu for its extensive Pan-Asian Cuisine marks as a first for our city. The dark wooden furniture and dim lights will relax you almost as well as a good spa therapy would. With their bar counter doubling up as a sushi bar (which by the way, is terrific), Asia 7 takes brownie points for this intelligence!

Address - T-15/16, 3rd Floor, Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Contact Numbers - 43473901, 43473902, 9833442290


Coming from the renowned Chef, Chef Farrokh Khambata, expectations were riding high on this restaurant especially considering how well received Joss, his earlier venture was. But he delivered and his secret ingredient was to notch the menu by maintaining Joss favourites but adding accompaniments to it. While sashimi and dumplings, seared pork belly and kauk-swe are the new favourites, he added several features to water chestnut sui mai and nigiri sushi! With high-backed chairs and a stylish black marble bar, Umame is dimly lit yet happening even during the weekends.

Address - 1st Floor, Cambata Building, Near Eros Theatre, 42 M Karve Road, Churchgate, Mumbai – 400020

Contact Numbers – 022 61110303, 022 66356908, 022 66334233

Nom Nom

Their Japanese fodder fare famously has left foodies in no control over their appetites! We are talking about delicious sounding yummies such as yakiyori, tofu on skewers in teriyaki sauce, sushi and tempura and coriander noodles. Currently, they have a ‘Salivate with Salads’ event going on where they make and serve delicious salads for the diet-conscious folks. They take great pride in Sake Bomba, a cocktail, a mix of sake and beer that they call all their own. Currently they also have a tea-pairing festival going on, to make summer that much more inetersting. With an indoor and outdoor section, it is easy to see why people fall so easily in love with this place.

Address - T P S Road, Junction Of 16th & 33rd Road, Opposite Mini Punjab Restaurant, 16th Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Contact Numbers - 26244280, 26244371


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